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Conference to hire Racial Justice Associate
The Massachusetts Conference is seeking to hire a full-time Associate for Racial Justice Ministries. This person will coordinate and guide the work of...

What does boldness look like?
What does proclaiming the Kingdom of God and the teachings of Jesus Christ "with all boldness and without hindrance" look like?

Delegates vote on welcoming immigrants; compensation and budget matters
Delegates to the Massachusetts Conference's 217th Annual Meeting this weekend (June 17 - 18_ voted on welcoming immigrants and on a variety of matters...
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A place of anger as well as grief
by Rev. Andrea Ayvazian Haydenville Congregational Church Friday, June 17, 2016   On Monday evening, our church in Haydenville held a service in ...

The Orlando Shootings - A Pastoral Letter from Jim Antal
Since we awoke yesterday, we have all had heavy hearts. Our Sunday worship services offered many of us an opportunity to lift up to God’s compassion ...

Standing in Prayer with My Hands Behind My Back
his past week on May 25, I stood also with my hands behind my back and stole dangling in front, lovingly looking out over a beloved community and ...

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MILFORD DAILY NEWS: Millis church's sign of love goes viral in wake of Orlando tragedy
MILLIS – When Rev. Jennifer Munroe-Nathans, senior minister of the Church of Christ, posted inspiring words related to the Orlando shooting massacre ...

SHERBORN PASTOR: After Orlando: When Will We See the Face of God in the Face of Our Neighbor?
It’s a cruel irony that in the hours immediately after the largest mass shooting in the history of the United States, we knew more about the shooter, ...

UCC.ORG: Mass. congregation shares farm-to-table ministry as one way to re-imagine church
An old church in Massachusetts isn't afraid to try new things. On the first and third Thursdays of each month, people in Northampton gather for Common...

SPOTLIGHT: Greenfield Church Reaches Out to the Community with "Free-Bees"
Lessons in caring for the environment are learned through Beekeeping-inspired Festival

SPOTLIGHT UPDATE: Saturday Church at West Parish of Barnstable Going Strong
Saturday worship attracts a new crowd at West Parish of Barnstable, UCC.

SPOTLIGHT: Paper, Plastic, or Sleeping Mat?
Ludlow Plarning Platoon Makes Impact on the Environment and Homelessness