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Delegates Stand Against Life Without Hope for Parole; for New Conference
At the 218th Annual Meeting of the Massachusetts Conference, delegates not only voted overwhelmingly to move toward forming a new combined Conference ...

Questions & Comments Leading Up to the Vote
Prior to Saturday's votes in separate plenary sessions in favor of proceeding with plans to create a unified Conference, those attending the ...

In Historic Vote, Three Conferences Vote to Move Toward Union
HARTFORD, CT - The Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island Conferences of the United Church of Christ voted decisively on Saturday to move ahead ...
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Don't Call it Messy; Call it Hard
That questions about structure and other administrative matters will be answered as we go may feel messy, even chaotic, to some of us. Our faith, ...

Call the Police
A few months ago I scheduled a meeting with the Chief of Police in my community. We had run into each other around town in the past, and he was kind ...

Exploring, Celebrating, Dreaming
I am honored to be part a growing friendship and spiritual collaboration among UCC and Episcopal pastors here in Western Massachusetts.

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AMERICA MAGAZINE: Following Pope Francis, Catholics and Protestants in the U.S. mark the Reformation
For three Christian communities in Marlborough, Mass., a day of ecumenical worship and community service has been 500 years in the making.

GREENFIELD RECORDER: Families swarm to 7th annual Bee Fest
Soft thumps traveled from the hill alongside the Second Congregational Church Saturday as one child after another delivered a series of whacks to a ...

METROWEST NEWS: Natick gun buyback posts removed from Facebook
Organizers of an upcoming gun buyback program are disappointed over having to remove publicity about the event from Facebook.

SPOTLIGHT: Safe Plates at Waquoit Congregational Church
Dinner helps support four local groups that promote safety and acceptance

SPOTLIGHT: Helping to Ensure Lent is a Season of Well-Being
Winchester Church Focuses on Health and Wellness in its Ministries

SPOTLIGHT: Crossroads Steered Members To Talk About Church
Agawam Church Expresses Deeper Spiritual Lives through Group Prayer and Discussions