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Conference-owned Craigville building sold
One of two Massachusetts Conference-owned properties at the Craigville Retreat Center, Minnie’s Seaside Rest, has been sold to a private party for the...

Conference welcomes another climate justice intern
In addition to full-time climate justice intern, the Conference has taken on board a second part-time intern who is working for course credit.

UCC publishes study guide for "Spotlight" movie
The United Church of Christ has issued a new discussion guide for use by churches that wish to talk about the movie "Spotlight," which tells the story...
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We Are Craving Silence
And after the earthquake a fire; but the LORD was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice. - 1 Kings 19:12 You sit down at the ...

Welcoming the Stranger
Vard Johnson is spending this week at the South Texas Family Residential Center in Dilley, Texas as a volunteer lawyer for refugees from Central ...

As we begin Lent: The Interdependence of Spiritual Discipline and Prophetic Witness
Each year, as Ash Wednesday approaches, the many years I spent in close contact with Henri Nouwen exert a pull, reminding me of how attuned Henri was ...

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SHERBORN PASTOR BLOG: In Life, The Days Are Long But the Years Are Short
It’s not that time itself is going by any faster or slower. The tick tock of time is inexorable, a given. What finally matters for us as humans ...

AMHERST BULLETIN: New minister sees role for churches in social issues
AMHERST — The new minister at South Congregational Church sees churches as welcoming places to discuss difficult topics like immigration and racism.

THE RECORDER: Why we proclaim we are ‘Open and affirming’
There was no opposition to this policy, but some wondered why, since we have been open to all for as long as anyone could remember, we would need to ...

SPOTLIGHT: Mindfulness in Motion and Meditation
Village Church of Wellesley offers Prayer Walking and Christian Meditation

SPOTLIGHT: Baptismal Waters
Mattapoisett Church Conducts Ocean Baptism

SPOTLIGHT: Changing the Usual Advent Service to Focus on the Changing Climate
Church of the Covenant Brings Climate Change Awareness Throughout Advent