About Elected Officers in the NEA


shall preside at all duly called meetings and Ecclesiastical Councils of the Association, serve as chairperson of the Board of Directors, and be an ex officio member without vote, of all committees of the Association.  The Moderator shall be a signatory on bank accounts and may be bonded in an amount determined by the Board of Directors.


shall act in the Moderator’s absence, represent the Association at celebrations of ministry, work with Association delegates and clergy from each church to facilitate the covenant within the Association, and act as Moderator during a vacancy or when the Moderator cannot be present.  The Vice-Moderator shall be a signatory on any bank accounts may be bonded in an amount determined by the Board of Directors.


shall record the minutes of meetings of the Association, Board of Directors, and Ecclesiastical Councils, and distribute notice to churches and clergy of all Association meetings and Ecclesiastical Councils, along with all supporting documents, at least fourteen days prior to such events.  The Scribe shall prepare and distribute an Annual report including reports of the officers and committees under Articles VII & VIII and maintain the official copy of this constitution and bylaws.


shall keep a record of the standing of all churches and authorized ministers within the Association, issue letters transferring the standing of clergy, and distribute invitations to all celebrations of ministry.  The Registrar shall be an ex officio, non-voting member of the Committee on Ministerial Standing, and serve as secretary thereof.


shall maintain all accounts, issue payments at the direction of the Board of Directors, request and collect contributions from the churches, and see that the budget is spent in accordance with the intent of the Association.  The Treasurer shall make recommendations regarding the annual budget and report at each meeting of the Board of Directors as to the status of Association finances.  The Treasurer may be bonded in an amount determined by the Board of Directors.


shall make a formal review and audit of the Association’s financial accounts at least once each fiscal year, and report the results of the review.