Annual giving

There are many excellent programs for soliciting pledges, any of which can deliver good results. Success will be determined by the diligence, enthusiasm and joy of the stewardship team.

If throughout the year the church has nurtured giving as a faith practice, told the story of what its ministries have accomplished, personally thanked givers at every opportunity, and has been a good steward of its resources, then inviting gifts will be easy and joyful, whatever method you use.

The 10 key elements to any successful annual enlistment program are:

1. Pastoral Support and preaching on stewardship

2. Faith sharing by the members of the congregation

3. All members of the congregation are in some way personally invited to pledge to the ministries and mission of the church

4. The ministries and mission of the church are held up, celebrated and enumerated

5. There is a consistent theme around a clearly articulated theology of stewardship

6. The most generous givers are involved in the program

7. The stewardship message is communicated in numerous ways.

8. Givers are thanked at every opportunity

9. A plan for follow-up is established from the start

10. Giving charts are used to provide guidance to your givers