Benefits to Your Congregation

Benefits to your congregation

Our churches tell us our pastors are open to inquiry, more curious, generous and hopeful.

“Our pastor is in her ‘first call’. She has explained to us that the New Clergy Group has been a reliable and essential source of support, helping her develop good ministry habits and her identity as a pastor.”

“We’ve noticed that our pastor brings us renewed energy, wider perspective, fresh insight, and creative ideas she receives in her clergy group and continuing education.”

“It seems like since he joined the clergy group he is just more vital, more healthy. He brings that into worship, meetings and the care he gives our members. We believe that vital pastors lead vital, healthy churches.”

“This program has helped us understand that excellent clergy don’t just spring up fully formed—they emerge from nurturing relationships and communities.”

According to the FACT (Faith Communities Today) 2008 Survey, Congregations with pastoral leaders who participate in Communities of Practice were significantly more likely to:

• Promote a culture of involvement that actively assimilates newcomers and fully involves members in leadership

• Support an active youth ministry that is integrated into the life of the larger congregation

• Devote time and effort to community service and positive community change

• Support their pastoral leader’s participation in regular continuing education

• Grow!