Benefits to Your Pastor


Our pastors in the Pastoral Excellence Program are critical to the vitality of our congregations. This ministry supports and equips them more fully to express the Conference's gratitude of their ministry.

These faithful pastors love ministry, merit the respect of their colleagues, serve healthy congregations, demonstrate emotional maturity and are intellectually curious.

The clergy groups offer sanctuaries of refreshment as well as providing space devoted to developing the craft of pastoral ministry and engaging in theological reflection on congregational life.

Our pastors say they use their groups to process the challenges of congregational life and to share resources, to encourage one another, and to learn together.

The community of practice model nurtures vitality and builds covenantal relationships among all our churches.

Your pastors tell us the Pastoral Excellence Program has been affirming and energizing.

Benefits to your pastor"The other members of this group are landmarks, touchstones, sacred cairns for me. We provide role models for each other of integrity, spirituality, humility and good ministry.”

"Being a member and facilitator of the group has made me more self-reflective and self-aware about aspects of my leadership style, pastoral responses, and ways of doing ministry…”“This old dog is learning some new tricks, and taking new (and sometimes critical) notice of some old tricks that in some instances were getting a little stale. My congregation will benefit – indeed is already benefiting – from the fresh ideas and energy I bring to my ministry because of this group.”

 “This group is ‘the balm in Gilead that heals the sin-sick soul.' It is healing to hear that  my struggles in ministry are shared struggles that others experience also."

 “This group reminds us of why we do what we do. So often, these group sessions are a re-affirmation for me of the power and beauty of parish ministry....”

“...the primary impact has been breaking down the isolation that so naturally occurs with clergy.”