Berkshire Association Officers


Contact information for all the following people is available by contacting the Western Region Office at 413 589- 7034 email:, the Conference Office at 508 875-5233 email: or their local church

Moderator: Ms. Amy Chin, Church on the Hill, Lenox

Vice-Moderator: Rev. Laura O'Shaughnessy, First Congregational Church, Sheffield

Treasurer: Ms. Susan Bues, Canaan Congregational Church

Registrar: Rev. John Nelson, Church on the Hill, Lenox

Secretary: Ms. Alicia Brazie, First Congregational Church, Sheffield


Executive Committee Members-at-Large:

Rev. Joel Huntington, South Congregational Church UCC, Pittsfield

Ms. Martha Congdon, First Congregational Church of Lee

Rev. Darienne Gagne, West Stockbridge Congregational Church, UCC

Rev. Mr. Shawn Bracebridge, West Stockbridge Congregational Church UCC

Rev. Donald Paine, First Congregational Church UCC, Stockbridge

Mr. Rick Pomeroy, First Church of Christ in Pittsfield


Church & Ministry Committee:

Chair - Rev. Elizabeth Goodman, Monterey UCC

Rev. Quentin Chin, Church on the Hill, Lenox

Mr. Bart Van Luling, Second Congregational Church, Williamstown

Rev. Barbara Kershner, Second Congregational Church, Williamstown

Mr. Jay Aronson, Canaan Congregational Church

Rev. Jennifer Kimball, First Congregational Church of Hinsdale

Rev. Dr. Charles Close, Canaan Congregational Church

Ms. Jenn Daily

Mr. Ron Hanft