Making It Real

Wendy Vander Hart


Frequently Asked Questions 
Making it Real Campaign
  •     What is the purpose of the Making it Real Campaign?
Vital congregations have a clear sense of their purpose in the settings they serve and in response to the collective calling on their hearts.  This effort aims to begin work with the “willing/early adopter” Association churches to be clear about their purpose.  In gaining that clarity, or committing anew to it, our churches will take faithful next steps toward mission and ministry of the greatest impact in their community and beyond.
  •     Why is the Association making this effort?
We take covenant seriously and recognize that we are most effective together when we are able to do ministry from a relational stance.  Many of our congregations are not as well connected to the Association as we would like.  We are hopeful this effort will build stronger relationships among congregations and with the Association, as well as provoke purpose in our churches.
  •     Is there a cost?
For the conversation time, there is no monetary cost!  Should the congregation to decide to follow through on utilizing some assistance (Conference or otherwise) to get clear about purpose or assist in fulfilling purpose there likely will be a range of costs associated with that.
  •     How much time will the conversation take?
We will budget approximately two hours for the initial conversation.  Follow up conversation would likely be 1 hour to 90 minutes in length.
  •     What is the “end” you wish to achieve?
We hope that contact with the Association visitation team will lead to the congregation mapping out a “Making it Real” plan for themselves.  This could involve any number of steps depending on the starting place of the congregation (i.e., already has a purpose, or needs a clearer sense of purpose).  We trust that the plan will move the congregation to the purpose they sense God is leading them to.
  •     Will there be on-going support or is it just a conversation?
We envision creating Life Together groups made up of church leaders from other congregations for the purpose of mutual support and shared learning.  These groups will be trained and provided on-going ways to resource and encourage each other as the “Making it Real” plans are enacted.
  •     What if our congregation chooses not to participate?
We are hopeful that every congregation will seriously consider the invitation and participate!  The Association will keep a record of who does and does not participate and by the end of January 2019 will review that list for the purpose of strengthening the covenant.
  •     How do we schedule a conversation?
Administrators who staff the Associations will manage the calendar of available dates.  Contact information is provided with the invitation letter.

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