Called to Teach


If you are a new Sunday school teacher or an experienced teacher who wants to grow, this three-week course is for you. Sunday school superintendents and CE directors may also find the course useful for teacher training. We will be looking at teaching children from preschool through 6th grade as a calling and ministry.

Get Ready for Sunday School


If you need some assistance and/or inspiration to jump-start your Christian Education programs for the new year, consider attending a free webinar offered by PRC – Practical Resources for Churches on August 10, 2017 at 7 PM Eastern time. The title of the webinar is “Getting Ready – for CE Directors” and it’s led by Christian educator Elizabeth Christie who will be discussing an effective schedule for communications, programming, staffing, facility maintenance, and administrative duties. Don’t ...

VBS Follow-up is Vital!


In many churches, summertime means taking a break from the usual Christian Education programming and focusing on special events such as Vacation Bible School (VBS). By now, VBS planning is well underway as staff and children look forward to having fun doing crafts, singing, playing games and, of course, learning about God’s love for all of us. Whether VBS lasts for a week or is offered in a different timeframe, by the time it’s over you might just want to collapse as VBS earworms play on and on ...

The Changing 21st Century Sunday School


If you’re involved with Sunday school, either as a superintendent, CE director, teacher, or another capacity, then you’ve no doubt heard the lament that things have changed. Crowded classrooms and regular attendance are no longer the norm. Instead you’re struggling with things like whether to go to a one room Sunday school or how to reach biblically illiterate kids who only attend your program every few weeks.

Don't Call it Messy; Call it Hard

Amy Lignitz Harken


That questions about structure and other administrative matters will be answered as we go may feel messy, even chaotic, to some of us. Our faith, however, calls us to trust that God has a coherent vision, even if we are unable to discern the details of that cohesion from our current vantage point.

Ministry in the Midst of Tragedy

The Parish Paper


On Friday, August 7, 2015, Vermont state employees left work and made their way to the parking lot together. There, a former client confronted and killed Lara Sobel, a social worker in the Department for Children and Families. Jody Herring shot her because Lara played a part in a custody battle involving Jody’s nine-year-old daughter. One of the witnesses, the Washington County State’s Attorney General, struggled with Ms. Herring to retrieve the gun and police apprehended her at the scene.

Call the Police

John Allen


A few months ago I scheduled a meeting with the Chief of Police in my community. We had run into each other around town in the past, and he was kind enough to come over and introduce himself when I was new to the community. In prior conversations we had spoken in general terms about our town. Both its beauties, and its hidden struggles. This afternoon though I had just one question to ask him: “What would you do if Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) asked for your help?” This is ...

Exploring, Celebrating, Dreaming

Marisa Brown-Ludwig


I am honored to be part a growing friendship and spiritual collaboration among UCC and Episcopal pastors here in Western Massachusetts.

Unity in Diversity

Sir John Hargrave


"We do not have to agree on everything, except one: that we are one." —John Hargrave

Report from Ecumenical Advocacy Days

Rev. Valeria Schmidt


Local minister attends Ecumenical Advocacy Days in Washington DC

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