Hurricane Update: Do You Have Ice?

Don Remick


Slowly, camera crews have gotten into the islands following the devastation of Irma. There were damaged (and many unlivable) homes and debris everywhere. And the power, in the tropical steam, was still out. One resident voiced a plea wondering if there was anyone beyond their shores who could bring ice to the island.   It's an image repeated throughout the Keys as roads reopen so folks can get back in to see the damage to their homes. In another section of Florida, a UCC church, with help from ...

2017-2018 Christian Educator Certification Classes Begin Soon!

Debbie Gline Allen


Three of the six classes offered in the Massachusetts Conference Christian Educator Certification Program are being taught this program year: United Church of Christ History, Polity, & Identity with Rev. Jonathan New Old & New Testament with Rev. Don Remick Basics in Christian Education & Administration with Corey Lincoln Visit for details.   We offer two onsite locations, one in eastern and one in western Massachusetts for your convenience. New this year is ...

Where will Jose Go?

Don Remick


At this point it seems unlikely that it will make landfall. BUT, there is a worst case scenario that it could strengthen and then make landfall in New England.

Disaster Update: How to be Helpful

Don Remick


Psalm 57:1 “Be gracious to me, O God, be gracious to me, For my soul takes refuge in You; And in the shadow of Your wings I will take refuge Until destruction passes by.”   We’ve been watching the images.  We’ve been watching that red ‘cone’ of the path of Irma.  We’ve been watching updates: “miles per hour”, categories, millibars, storm surge, tornado warnings.  We’ve been watching homes decimated on a Caribbean island that is nearly 98% uninhabitable.  We’ve been watching yet another hurricane...

In Memoriam: Rufus Cushman, Stewardship Master

Jonathan New


Those who think stewardship is about money have it wrong; stewardship is, primarily, about people. That’s just one of the many stewardship lessons I learned from a man who I consider a stewardship master – Rufus Cushman.  Rufus, who died this week at age 88, will be remembered by many of us in the Massachusetts Conference and beyond for keeping stewardship real and people at the heart of it.  A former insurance man and son of a banker, he was comfortable with money. More importantly, he knew ...

Building the interfaith climate movement: Let go, hold on, and stay faithful

The Rev. Dr. Margaret Bullitt-Jonas


For the interfaith climate movement in Massachusetts, this is a day for lament, gratitude, hope, and praise. Lament It’s official: Massachusetts Interfaith Coalition for Climate Action – MAICCA, for short – is suspending operations, at least for now. The news went public yesterday. After a nearly three-year run, our Leadership Team concluded, after careful reflection, conversation, and prayer, to suspend future activities of MAICCA for the time being.   “Legislative Action Day” at Grand ...

Hurricanes Highlight Disaster Preparedness Month

Estelle Margarones


Dear friends, It's a sad coincidence that there's heightened awareness of disasters right now, during Disaster Preparedness Month. We are aware of the devastation Hurricane Harvey wreaked and we continue to watch Hurricane Irma as she strengthens and approaches landfall. Here are a couple of helpful resources for you as you have disaster preparedness conversations with your church councils and clergy associations: Guidebook for Church Leaders Disaster Preparedness Resources from the UCC   If ...

DACA – Not a policy, not an amalgamation of letters, but PEOPLE in peril

Dawn Adams


Update: It has been announced today, 9/5/17, that DACA has been rescinded. The program will wind down over the next six months, with no new applications being accepted as of today according to Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Reports are that the administration is offering this 6-month window so that Congress can act through legislative channels. Our calls, letters, and emails to our Congressmen and Senators, therefore, are more important than ever. Please speak out and make your voice heard. ...

The Millennial Perspective – It Matters

Justine Fisler


I challenge everyone to think about their “not that it matters" moments and find out why it matters to say those words… to get to the root of it and ask yourself, does this or should this actually matter?

This is the Perspective Our Church Needs to Hear

Michael Frady


As a church pastor and parent of two millennial daughters, I recognize some growth areas that our church and I need to be more attentive to regarding this often overlooked generation. I say “overlooked” because we make some very unfair assumptions that prevent us from extending the extravagant welcome many of us strive for in the life of our churches and, personally in my life.

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