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The problem of sexual abuse of children is not someone else's problem. It doesn't just happen in the home, or in some other town. It happens at churches of all denominations and at church-operated camps, schools and day care centers. The Massachusetts Conference is committed to educating and supporting our churches to create policies and procedures so that the risk of being targeted is limited in scope. Providing a safe place for all of our children, youth and the church leaders who supervise them is one of the core values of our mission and ministry.

New!!!!   Massachusetts churches:  CORI online training by the DCJIS is being offered on December 11. Click here for more information.  This is free and open to the public.

Resources, Links and Publications on Safe Church and Safe Conduct Policies:


Understanding your responsibilities as a staff or lay person serving a church in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

  • CORI (background) checks

Massachusetts state law requires all volunteer organizations that provide activities or programs to children to conduct CORI background checks of the volunteers. The law also requires CORI checks any time there is a potential for someone to have unmonitored contact with a child. The Southern New England Conference strongly recommends that all  MA churches conduct CORI checks of all employees and volunteers who have contact with children, i.e. Sunday school teachers, youth group leaders, choir directors, etc. and all paid staff.  Third party background companies, by law, do not have access to MA state records.

Your church can register to do CORI checks online. Read the iCORI Quick Reference Guide for Organizations and then register your church with the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services to properly access iCORI.  Each church is allowed two "representatives" who may submit, review and access CORI results.  Due to confidentially issues, the "representatives" should have a position of lay leadership and the pastor should NOT be considered for this role.

The historic  Mass. Conference adheres to the model CORI policy established by the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services.

CORI online training by the DCJIS is being offered on October 28. Click here for more information. This is free and open to the public

See more iCORI resources here. 

  • Mandated Reporting

In Massachusetts, "Mandated Reporters" must immediately make an oral or written report to the state when, in their professional capacity, they have reasonable cause to believe that a child under 18 is suffering from abuse or neglect. Under state law, the following are included in the list of mandated reporters: Clergy members, including ordained or licensed leaders of any church or religious body, persons performing official duties on behalf of a church or religious body, or persons employed by a religious body to supervise, educate, coach, train or counsel a child on a regular basis

To learn more: 

Sex Offender Resources  

  • Massachusetts Trial Court Law Libraries

              “Massachusetts Law About Sex” -
              “Massachusetts Law About Sex Offenders” -                         

  • Massachusetts Legislature 

                Sex Offender Registry Law: Mass. Gen. Laws c.6 s.178C-178P
                Mass. Gen. Laws Chapter 119 - Protection And Care Of Children, And Proceedings Against Them
                Section 51A - Reporting of suspected abuse or neglect; mandated reporters; collection of physical evidence; penalties;                     content of reports; liability; privileged communication.

  • Code of Massachusetts Regulations (CMR)

                Department Of Criminal Justice Information Services
                Sex Offender Registry Board: Registration, Classification And Dissemination

  • Department of Children and Families

                Glossary 110 CMR 2.00 -



                 Web Resources: Children and Family -

  • Restorative Justice Task Force Team of the Massachusetts Conference