Weekend Sexton - Wellesley Hills Congregational Church


Weekend Sexton – Four (4) to eight (8) hours/weekend
Wellesley Hills Congregational Church, Wellesley, MA
This position reports to the Church Administrator and is available immediately
The Church:
The Wellesley Hills Congregational Church (the “Hills Church”) is a member church of the United Church of Christ. Since it was founded in 1847, the Hills Church has been a vibrant community of faith and action. The church’s substantial membership base includes people of every imaginable religious heritage seeking, in the tradition minded New England area, to create and nurture a sense of community and shared life.
Position Description:  Perform various duties throughout church property including, but not limited to, monitoring the performance of all building systems; ensuring that the building is properly secured when not in use; and greeting and assisting all church members and guests using the church on Sunday mornings and for other weekend events, e.g., weddings, memorial services, adult education classes.
Detailed description:

  1. On Sunday mornings, unlock the doors; adjust the lights and thermostats in the Sanctuary and common areas; ensure all common areas are clean, tidy, and well supplied with appropriate paper goods; and provide assistance to all members and guests both before and during the Sunday morning worship service and through the end of the coffee hour which follows.
  2. Before leaving the building on weekends, ensure all doors are locked and all windows are shut.
  3. Set up tables and chairs before and/or take down tables and chairs and clean up following weekend church activities and weekend events held at the church by outside groups.
  4. Perform minor repairs to equipment and facilities, as needed.
  5. Greet and assist all guests and members using the church on the weekends.
  6. Report to the Church Administrator all building and grounds-related concerns expressed by guests and members, e.g., leaks, loose handrails/guardrails, plumbing problems, ventilation equipment failures, elevator or chairlift malfunctions, maintenance issues, inoperative lighting fixtures, HVAC system problems.
  7. Inform the Church Administrator immediately in the event of an emergency.
  8. Remove snow, ice, leaves, debris from all entries, as needed.
Core Competencies and Qualifications:  
  • At least five years of Sexton, custodial or maintenance experience.
  • A general knowledge of the custodial materials, equipment, methods and procedures typically used to maintain the buildings and grounds of a church
  • Excellent problem solving, communication, and interpersonal skills, as well as excellent judgment.
A minimum of four (4) hours each weekend will be guaranteed, and schedule will be flexible based upon emerging needs and events. Easy access and close proximity to the church is preferred so that emergency situations can be quickly managed.

Contact: Cynthia Gordan, Church Administrator

Address: 207 Washington Street Wellesley MA 02481

Phone: 781.235.4424

Email: cynthia@hillschurch.org

Website: hillschurch.org