Head Nursery Worker - United Parish in Brookline


JOB TYPE:  Non-Exempt, Part-Time, Permanent Position
WORK HOURS:  Sundays, typically from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.  Occasional weekday evenings when there are services during certain times of the church year (Advent, Lent, Holy Week) or other weeknight programs for adults.
SUPERVISOR:   Christian Education Coordinator or Associate Pastor
To supervise the United Parish (UP) nursery for infants and young children on Sunday mornings and at other worship times or programs.  The focus of this job is to provide a safe, secure, nurturing, clean and efficient environment to care for the children of UP.  Child care includes playing with the child or directing play, reading to the child, praying for the child, and exhibiting Christ-like patience, love and understanding.

  1. Supervises a team of adult and youth nursery workers
  2. Reports to the Christian Education Coordinator or Associate Pastor
  3. Coordinates with parents and other nursery workers to meet children’s special needs (allergies, toileting/diapering, food) and maintain a safe environment for all.
  4. Respects and cares for the children – they will be your toughest boss!
The Head Nursery Worker’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
  1. Coordinating schedules of nursery workers in order to ensure full coverage in the nursery during all times of operation.
  2. Supervising adult and youth nursery workers, including hiring, reviewing, and evaluating workers.
  3. According to the schedule, working shifts in the nursery.  When working in the nursery, the head nursery workers will be responsible for arriving promptly, greeting parents and children and obtaining any information about the needs or schedules of the children being entrusted to care, and being present for the entire work shift in order to ensure coverage. 
  4. Ensuring that each nursery worker is wearing their name tag, and greeting each parent/child with smiles.
  5. Overseeing the check in/check out process, making sure any new children have Registration Forms on file.
  6. Ensuring that every child’s diaper is changed as needed, and before parent’s pick up.  Potty training children should “try” when needed, as well as right before pick up.
  7. Helping children tidy up the room before they leave, and finishing any remaining cleaning after their departure.
  8. Maintaining a clean, safe environment for the children.
  9. Ensuring that nursery staff comply with the church’s safe church policy.
  10. Facilitating activities or play for pre-school age children, including reviewing, selecting or evaluating curriculum as appropriate. 
  11. Maintaining and leading a structure throughout the day such as:  “open play”, circle time, snack time, story time, craft/activity time, “open play” and circle time.  This should incorporate some type of early childhood ministry geared toward a Bible story.
  12. Requesting supplies be ordered when necessary for nursery (snack, art & craft, etc.)
  13. Ensuring that the environment is safe and hygienic, including attending to the children’s needs for food, and other matters of comfort.
  14. Responding appropriately to emergencies, injuries, or other incidents.
  15. Reporting any concerns or ideas for improvement to the Christian Education Coordinator or Associate Pastor.
Interest in and experience with infant and child care.
Must be reliable, mature, calm and loving.
Ability to:
  • Supervise and direct others
  • Deal with several children who are separated from their parents
  • Care for infants
  • Facilitate play and activities for active children
  • Maintain a clean, well-organized environment
  • Interact with parents and other caretakers in a mature, reassuring manner
Work is performed on the interior of the church building and occasionally, if weather permits, in the outdoor play space on church grounds. 
  • Some demonstrated experience in child or infant care and/or other position of responsibility
  • Must be over 18 with a high school diploma (associates degree or equivalent experience/training in early childhood education preferred).
  • Must successfully complete church-provided training in child care and safety
  • A successful CORI clearance is a pre-condition to employment
  • Must complete Red Cross/CPR training

Contact: Amy Norton

Email: amy@upbrookline.org

Website: www.unitedparishbrookline.org