Church School Director - East Longmeadow


Church School Director Position Overview

Accountable to: Senior Pastor and the Christian Education (CE) Board

Purpose: to sustain and support a vibrant CE program for children and families in the First Congregational Church of East Longmeadow, UCC, context

Dates of Employment: Open ended: September through May (with the option for June through August)

Time Commitment: Approximately 15 hours per week

Requirements:  An individual that is interested in providing a Christian-based educational program to the children of the church.  This individual should have some experience in Christian education. This position requires a person with strong organizational and communication skills, as well as, a willingness to engage the entire family in the programming.

Primary duties and responsibilities:

  1. To  provide creative Christian education  programming that will meet current needs of the church and developmental needs of the children  
  2. To work with the minister and the CE Board in coordinating the Christian educational activities of the Church with an eye toward growing programs
  3. Provide coordination with other church programs  and community programs using church resources, e.g. pre-school program and scouting, Pilgrim Fellowship
  4. To implement the curriculum in consultation with the minister
  5. To assist the minister and the CE Board in developing special programs: the Christmas pageant, Children’s Sunday, the Passion Walk, and Vacation Bible School (VBS), among others
  6. To monitor the effectiveness of the Sunday School during the Sunday School morning by touching base with the teachers and parents
  7. To serve as ex-officio member of the CE committee and attend CE meetings
  8. Report on CE activities to the church Cabinet when requested
  9. To recruit Sunday School teachers and volunteers, with support from CE and the Pastor
  10. To maintain Sunday School records in order to ensure the safety of the children (names, birth dates, grades, families and especially the medical/allergy alert file) and staff/volunteer records (names, CORI, experience)
  11. To work with the CE committee to organize, maintain and supply the Arts and Crafts Center, classrooms, and the Computer Center with necessary equipment and servicing
  12.  To be the support staff for the child care employee. Track attendance in the Nursery and help recruit volunteer assistants when needed.
  13. To communicate events and activities of the Sunday School program through newsletter articles, emails, group texts, phone calls or personal contact
  14. Other duties as mutually agreed upon
Compensation: $3500 stipend for September through May; option for internship and/or academic credit  available; also willing to provide a Christian Education centered field education placement, if desired, with institution approval.

Contact: Rev. Dr. William Wildman (Bill)

Address: 7 Somers Road East Longmeadow MA 01028

Phone: 413-525-4121



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