Communication and Conflict Resiliency for Your Church and Life

Listening is a sacred art.  Our culture rarely teaches folks approaches to healthy listening and conflict resiliency.  Most churches, like most people, find they have room to grow in this area whenever they enter tender topics and crucial conversations. 

This fall, the Mass Conference will be offering two programs to help churches deepen their skills on communication and conflict resiliency.  Each program will focus on the same content, but will deliver it in unique styles.  


Choose from one of the following programs:

Leadership for Growing Resilient Congregations—September 23-24, 2016:  The Rev. Karen Nell Smith, of the Brookfield Institute, will be leading this workshop.  

Growing Your Communication and Conflict Resiliency Capacity Online course, beginning in September 2016:  This is a 10 module online program led by Claire Bamberg, of the Center for Progressive Renewal.  


Participants in either of these courses are requested to read:

Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High by Patterson, Grenny, McMillan and Switzler


These programs are meant to help stable churches develop understanding and skills.  If you are experiencing a higher level of anxiety or intensity, speak  with your Associate Conference Minister about using this program or others with your church.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact Don Remick—

Downloadable Flyer: Communication and Conflict Resiliency for Your Church and Life


These programs are underwritten by a grant so that we can offer them to our churches this one time at a reduced rate. 

In addition, your OCWM and UCM support have made these programs possible. 




Here’s What We’ll Focus on:

Developing skills to speak and listen with open minds and hearts so conflict doesn’t escalate.

Helping the congregation in setting limits on unhealthy behavior.

Helping the congregation create clear and faithful channels for communication and dialogue.


The Programs:

For a church team including the pastor and 2 lay people. 

The church will receive a session of individual coaching for the church or the pastor. 

Work in cohort groups of churches to learn together from the material and each other's insights.

Each program will cost $250 for a church team of 3.