Compensation Guidelines


The 217th Annual Meeting, held in June, 2016, approved the following guidelines for all people serving in authorized ministries of the church, including full-time and part-time solo, senior, associate and assistant pastors, both settled and interim, as well as licensed and commissioned ministers.

2017 Clergy Compensation Guidelines (PDF)

 Questions about the guidelines should be directed to Ellie Richardson, Associate Conference Minister

Salary Resources for other positions:

The Massachusetts Conference does not develop salary guidelines for other church positions but recommends the following resource:

Other employment guidelines:

Educational Ministries Guidelines  (Last updated 2011)

The compensation and personnel guidelines for office personnel, sextons and musicians have been removed from the webpage because they were published in 1999.  This webpage will be updated over the next year as task teams undertake the process of updating personnel information that may be of value to our local churches. 

Of interest:

Insurance and tax information: