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Please note: Crossroads is currently wrapped into our Conference’s CHURCHES ALIVE transformational visioning offerings. Find more information here
Lacking vision for the future?
Thin budget?
Dwindling participation?
Seeking a renewed sense of purpose?
Buildings that you serve, more than they serve you?
Feeling like you don’t have any options?
Not sure which way to turn?
Tired of trying the same things over and over and expecting different results? 
Crossroads Massachusetts, a Conference ministry, is designed for congregations that find themselves at a crossroads and want to intentionally discern their path forward.
Crossroads Massachusetts asks congregations to consider entering into an intentional season of assessment, discernment, bold decision-making and implementation.
Crossroads Massachusetts will not:
  • Force change on a congregation. The choice is always the congregation’s choice.
  • Settle conflict in the congregation. A moderate amount of conflict is a natural part of organizational life and must be engaged in any process of change.

Crossroads Massachusetts is designed to assess the strengths and challenges of a congregation as it seeks to make a faithful decision about the future of its ministry in the community.

The assessment and follow-up training is intended to help congregations gain a realistic picture of their resources for ministry, their demographic strengths, their potential for change, and their potential for vital ministry.

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The first step at the Crossroads: New Beginnings

New Beginnings is a program of our denominational partner, the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). The program has a history of helping local churches answer the question, “What is God calling our congregation to do and be in this time and place?” Read more about New Beginnings here!

From New Beginnings you will:

  • Receive a comprehensive report of your congregation’s strengths and challenges and a concrete, realistic picture of possible directions for the future.
  • Be trained on how to engage in a discernment process in order to choose a new direction for your church.
  • Discover available ministry opportunities in the community.
  • Learn to make a compelling case for change based on realistic options for the future.
  • Discover how to discuss change in a healthy, open manner.
  • Set a course for strategic and visionary ministry planning.

The second step at the Crossroads: Implementation

After making a bold decision about the future of your congregation, Crossroads will walk with you as you move into your preferred future. The Conference will assist in the following ways:

Working Groups
Pastors and lay leaders engaged in the Crossroads process of discernment and decision making will be invited to meet with each other for mutual support, creative engagement, and spiritual inspiration.

After a church has decided its direction, coaches will be available for ongoing assistance as the congregation takes steps along the path it has chosen. There is a fee for these services.

Conference Staff and Financial Support
Your Conference is committed to Crossroads and will put staff and financial resources to work to make it a success. Regional ministers will serve as “case managers” for participating congregations. Other staff will provide coaching and advice along the way


Crossroads began in the Connecticut Conference, and we give thanks for all the work they have done and their willingness to assist us along the way.


Read how West Parish Church in Andover redefined itself in 2012.

How can I tell if my congregation is right for Crossroads?

If your congregation can say “yes” to at least three of these five qualifications, it may be a good candidate for Crossroads:

  • Decline in worship attendance
  • Significant building issues (too much space, inadequate parking, deferred maintenance)
  • Aging membership
  • Changing neighborhood
  • Decline in financial resources

What is the cost of Crossroads?

The fee for the first step, New Beginnings, is $2,800. This includes consultant travel, time and overhead for the on-site assessment and phone follow-up, 10 printed reports, and the training expenses of the cluster event (led by two consultants and your regional minister). Manuals for the small-group leaders that will be trained at the cluster event are also included. The cost of the second step, Implementation, will vary depending on the church’s bold decision.

Limited scholarships are available.

Questions? Contact Associate Conference Minister Wendy Vander Hart.