We are one at Baptism and at the Communion table. All are welcome here.</ United Church Of Christ - Massachusetts Conference
We are one at Baptism and at the Communion table.
All are welcome here.

Metropolitan Boston

About Us:

The Metropolitan Boston Association (MBA) includes seventy three diverse churches, spread over four distinct cities and thirty-five suburbs, all within a twenty-five mile radius. The Association includes two predominantly Afro-American, two Armenian, one Chinese, one Hispanic, and one Korean congregations, with potential for expansion within these and in other ethnic groups. Boston provides rich opportunities for outreach to college students and young working singles and couples. The approximately 260 clergy with standing include over 100 pastors and associate pastors, over 90 extra parochial clergy and more than 65 retired clergy. There are 36 candidates for authorized ministry.

The MBA churches, ministers, and laity are united in a covenantal relationship to proclaim a gospel of reconciliation, to promote a fellowship of mutual concern and commitment, to strengthen our witness and outreach, to invoke and to exemplify the abiding, creative, loving, and transforming spirit of Jesus Christ. Thirty eight churches are open and affirming. The MBA is integrally interconnected with the City Mission Society of Boston.  CMS is a social justice organization that transforms individuals through service, education, and advocacy while providing opportunities for congregations and communities to engage in social action and change.  The Association also values its connections and relations with the United Church of Christ, Andover Newton Theological School, Seafarer’s Friends, the Walker Center for Mission, the American Congregational Association, United Ministries in Higher Education, the Massachusetts Council of Churches, and the Greater Boston Interfaith Organization.


The Association is committed to nurture and to challenge its many candidates for authorized ministry; to support churches and pastors in conflict or transition; to seek greater cooperation and cohesion in the midst of autonomy and separateness; to witness on behalf of open and affirming covenants; to grow spiritually and numerically; to implement new visions for leadership development, evangelism with justice, ministries to younger adults, and engagement in 21st Century communications; and to share our experience of the grace and love of God through a ministry of justice, service, inclusive acceptance, and covenantal fellowship.




Region: Metropolitan Boston

Upcoming Events

04/24/14: Wendy's Office Hours at Panera Bread (Danvers)
04/26/14: Rally on Boston Common for Jobs, NOT Jails
04/29/14: Wendy's Office Hours at Panera Bread (Porter Square Cambridge)
05/01/14: Wendy's Office Hours at Panera Bread (North Andover)
05/04/14: MBA Spring Meeting
05/06/14: Courtney Jones Ecclesiastical Council
05/07/14: Boundary Awareness Training
05/08/14: MBA Committee on Ministerial Standing
05/13/14: Boundary Awareness Training
05/13/14: Wendy's Office Hours at Panera Bread (Needham)
05/14/14: Stirring up Healthy Ministry: The Pastoral Relations Committee at Work
05/15/14: Metropolitan Boston Association Day of Covenant


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