Super Saturday March 2017

WhenSaturday, March 18, 2017 at 8:00 AM to 3:45 PM
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WhereMinnechaug Regional High School
621 Main St
Wilbraham, MA 01095

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ContactAndrea Bellarosa
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Super Saturday is a full-day of skill building offering numerous workshops, a keynote address, worship, a marketplace of vendors and ideas and an opportunity for everyone to network with one another.  This spring's Super Saturday is being co-hosted by the Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island Conferences of the UCC.

Brian McLaren

Keynote Speaker Brian McLaren

This spring's Super Saturday is featuring keynote speaker Brian McLaren, author, activist, and public theologian. A former college English teacher and pastor, he is a passionate advocate for "a new kind of Christianity" - just, generous, and working with people of all faiths for the common good.  In his new book, The Great Spiritual Migration: How the World's Largest Religion is Seeking a Better Way to be Christian, Brian McLaren invites you to seize the moment and set out on the most significant spiritual pilgrimage of our time: to help Christianity become more Christian while joining in interfaith conversation about religious life in migration.

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Morning Workshops

M1.  Brian McLaren
The Great Spiritual Migration: It's time for forward-leaning members of the Christian community to get moving - spiritually, theologically, and missionally. It's time to redefine our faith as a way of life rather than a system of beliefs; it's time to celebrate and embody a nonviolent understanding of God; and it's time to shift from "organized religion" to "organizing religion." We will explore how to make these moves in this workshop.
Brian McLaren
1.  There's a Dog in My Church!
Service dogs can be effective therapeutic tools for a variety of disabilities but especially for veterans returning from combat with PTSD. Church communities must understand how to respond when a church member is partnered by a service dog. This workshop will also explain how a veteran might apply for a service dog and how a congregation can support him or her in this process.
Rev. Dr. Cynthia Crosson, Pastor Whately Congregational Church UCC. Founder of the first program to place specially trained service dogs with veterans with PTSD.

2.  Suicide Prevention
The tragedy of suicide can often be prevented. Everyone should learn to recognize the warning signs of suicidal thought and how to get help for someone considering suicide. This workshop will present the basic information needed to save a life.
Annemarie Matulis, Director Bristol County Regional Coalition for Suicide Prevention and Rev. James Tilbe, Pastor, First Congregational Church in Raynham

3.  Never Forgotten: The Comfort of Spirituality in Dementia
Dementia is a slow, progressive, relentless disease process that robs a person of independence, cognitive and physical functions. Emotions and spirituality are not lost as "we are spiritual beings having a human experience." This workshop will offer ways of spiritually connecting and comforting through religious activities, pastoral care and life review throughout the stages of dementia.
Rev. Donna Vuilleumier, Hospice Spiritual Counselor

4.  Mental Health Awareness and the Church
In this workshop, we will explore information, resources, and perspectives about how issues and factors of mental health relate to the church and our ministry together in Christ's name. There will be an initial talk by the presenter followed by opportunity for discussion. A resource packet will be available for each participant to take home.
Rev. Karyl J. Leslie, retired UCC Clergy, speaker on Mental Health Awareness and the Church
5.  Simplifying Church Structure and Navigating the Nonsense
In this workshop we will explore pathways to simplifying church structure. Many churches have shrunk in size, but are trying to keep up with overgrown church governments. We will talk about ways to simplify and strengthen ministries simultaneously. We will also explore themes related to improving communication and elevating our ministries. It is about shrinking governance, but growing our ministries.
Doug Bixby, church consultant

6.   Church Ahead: Theology and Spirituality for the Emerging Church
This seminar integrates theology, spirituality, and congregational transformation. Participants will learn ways to encourage theological and spiritual practices congruent with socially and ecologically responsible emerging and progressive Christianity.  Taught by a leading process theologian, participants will find ways to join tradition and innovation to creatively transform persons and congregations.
Dr. Bruce Epperly, Pastor, South Congregational Church, Centerville, MA, and Theology Professor, Wesley Theological Seminary
7.  Community Organizing 101
So many churches are seeking ways to be visible and vocal in the public square. This workshop will introduce basic tools and strategies for organizing your church and wider community around topics of interest and urgency. What is a press release? Do we need permits? Who should know and how do we tell them? Come to share what you know and learn something new.
Rev. Kelly Gallagher, Associate Conference Minister for Justice and Witness, MACUCC

8.  Building a Welcoming Congregation: Opportunity and Challenge
Two years ago, our vibrant congregation asked ourselves: "So how welcoming are we, really?" In this workshop, we will tell the story of why and how we are working to create a welcoming culture at South Church Andover, and the challenges we face going forward. We will exchange ideas and plan follow up as our church communities strive to live into our call of invitation and inclusion.
Rev. Alex Shea Will, Associate Pastor and Laura Jordan, Welcome Initiative Coordinator and Lay Leader

9.  Bold New Initiatives...New Churches and New Ministries Forum
There are new churches and ministries evolving and growing. Exploring...connecting and transforming people and congregations. Join us in a forum setting and discover our still speaking God in unexpected ways: as leaders share testimonies of impact and courage.
Rev. Donna Spencer Collins, pastor of Phoenix Rising UCC

10.  Essential Elements for Crafting a Mission/Purpose
By many measures, churches with a clear sense of mission/purpose tend to be more vital in ministry. Programming and ministry opportunities are generated and are in alignment when they fulfill a prayerfully discerned "why." This workshop will focus on the essential elements of process and content to creating a clear sense of mission/purpose.
Rev. Wendy Vander Hart, Associate Conference Minister, MACUCC

11.  Urban Church Turnaround
Downtowns are amazing places to do ministry, but they require open, flexible congregations that can adapt to the community's changing needs and demographics. Learn how to align staffing, building, program, and worship to maximize your mission!
Rev. Dr. Todd Grant Yonkman, Transitional Senior Minister, First Congregational Church of Stamford, CT
12.  Climate Change 101 - The Why and How of Church Engagement
Not sure how to get started? Looking for a next step to take? This workshop will help you identify the best next step for your congregation to address the greatest moral challenge humanity has ever faced. You’ll also come away knowing the basics about climate change. Best to come with a team (including your pastor) but one person is fine too.
Rev. Jim Antal, national UCC climate spokesperson and Mass Conference Minister and President
13.  Christianity 101 for 2017
Come learn how to use a non-doctrinaire, instructive and informative teaching approach that will engage people with diverse beliefs so that they can expand their understanding of the nuts and bolts of the Christian faith.
Rev. Anita E. Keire, a graduate of Yale Divinity School, author, educator, workshop leader, and retired minister.

14.  Safe Conduct/Safe Church
This workshop is designed for those enrolled in the MACUCC CE Certification program for local church educators, however anyone who serves in a local church will find this workshop informative and vital for their ministry. All are welcome. The term "safe church" has been used for many years to describe programs to protect children from abuse, however the Insurance Board has adopted the term SafeConduct™ to refer more broadly to organizational conduct and personal behaviors that impact both children and adults. Providing a safe place for all our children, youth and adults is one of the core values of our mission and ministry.
Debra Moore, Commissioned Minister of Faith Formation at Edwards Church, Northampton, MA and member of the MACUCC CE Certification Task Team

15.  Between the Wilderness and the Cliff: Conversations on Race in Church
This workshop will identify three main reasons that explain why conversations on race are difficult to have in church, and offer several solutions. Also, we will discuss how to engage church members more on racial justice from a spiritual perspective.
TJ Harper, Associate for Racial Justice Ministries, MACUCC

16.  Under Her Wings: The Church as Sanctuary
For centuries the church has sheltered those in need of comfort and protection, whether they be be wayfarers and pilgrims, the infirm and sick, or those fleeing oppression. In this workshop, the panel will discuss the modern church as mediator for harassed and intimidated Muslim communities, as comforter to persons fleeing foreign oppression, as shelter for the homeless, and as an island of civility and calm in a fractured society.
Rev. Todd Weir, Pastor at First Churches, Northampton, Rev. Sarah White, First Church, Dudley, and Rev. Dawn Adams, First Cong. Brimfield, MA

17.  The Lawyers Question—A play by the Just Peace Players
Enjoy our play and see if it will help your congregation gain a new appreciation of our neighbors and how we can stand with others to share God's love in the world.
Rev. Dr. Fran Bogle and Rev. Nancy Reed

18.  Language and LGBTQIA** Community - More Than an Alphabet Soup!
Come together to break down the alphabet soup and its complexities. Come with questions, thoughts, and open minds!
Sara M. Holland is the Minister of Christian Education at Hingham Congregational Church and is a Member in Discernment in the Metro-Boston Association
19.  Engaging Your Soul in Leadership
This interactive workshop will: 1) identify the impact and importance of contemplative leadership; 2) introduce contemplative practices; 3) illustrate and practice the 4 basic principles of Nonviolent Communication.
Rev. Susie Allen, Executive Soul - Co-Director of the Soul of Leadership Program and Rev. Sue Vincent-Cox, Executive Soul - Co-Leader of the Soul of Leadership Program

20.  Being a Local Church Moderator: Expectations, Fiduciary Responsibilities, and Blessings
Being a local church moderator is both commendable and complex. While the role of moderator is slightly different in every congregation, there are elements that are essential to every congregation. What you need to know is here!
Rev. Jill Graham, Associate Conference Minister, MACUCC & Pastor of First Congregational Church of Sheffield, MA
21.  Using the new UCC Local Church Profile
Our UCC has a new profile to be used by churches who are seeking a new settled pastor. Learn how to use this exceptional tool to help you tell your church’s story and find a partner to move with you into God's Future.
Rev. Don Remick, Associate Conference Minister, MACUCC

22.  Your Writing Ministry Through eBooks
Write an eBook to further your ministry of writing and share your expertise. EBooks make up 30% of all book sales as readers turn to tablets and iPads for their books. Learn how to write an eBook, format it, produce a compelling cover and upload it for delivery to a global readership.
Rev. John Zehring. Author of more than two dozen books and eBooks. Served as Senior Pastor in MA, RI and ME

23.  Manual on Ministry (MOM) - Proposed Revisions
The proposed changes for the UCC's Manual on Ministry are designed to enable our denomination to respond better to the changing landscape of ministry. Led by two members of the MOM re-visioning committee, this workshop will present the significant changes as well as those aspects which will remain the same. The presenters will also describe the approval process for revisions. People who should consider attending: members of association committees on ministry, licensed pastors, members in discernment and their committee members, retired clergy and all other authorized ministers.
Rev. Quentin Chin and Rev. Jonathan New, Associate Conference Minister, MACUCC

24.  Show Me Your Faith - Show Me Your Wallet - A Theology of Money and Generosity
The workshop will focus on looking theologically and practically at the ministry of financial stewardship. We will reflect on a theology of money - how to FAITHFULLY talk about it, raise it, and spend it. Faith-based stewardship campaigns strategies, motivations for giving and creative approaches to fund raising will be discussed.
Rev. Bob Naylor is the Lead Consultant for In Church Imagining Ministries.   In all of his parish ministry settings there was regular giving increases and balanced budgets.

25.  Music for the Small Church Choir
Small choirs face diverse challenges. Whether you have 3 or 15 people, there are resources for YOU. Come prepared to Sing traditional and non-traditional music.
Dr. Peter Stickney, Pastor of Music and Arts

26.  Think-Tanking Worship
This workshop looks at including members of your community (and of all ages!) into the process of designing seasonal worship at your church through the Think-Tank model. Since bringing Think-Tanks to Central Sq. Church, we have rejuvenated worship and increased the sense of depth and inclusivity in worship.
Rev. Beth Stotts Minister, Central Sq. Cong'l Church, UCC Bridgewater, MA and Deb Sorgman, Deacon
27.  Critique & Reimagination: A Millennials Approach to Ministry and Programming
We want to talk about and critique how our ministries and programs are currently serving youth and young families. After the critique we will start a dialogue of how we might let failing or stagnant programming die so that new and refreshing programming can be introduced.
Rev. Shawn Garan, Associate Pastor, Second Congregational Church of Greenwich and Gary Morello, Associate Pastor, First Congregational Church of Darien

Lunch Activities 

L1.  Brian McLaren
Great opportunity to be in conversation with Brian about the emerging and future church.

L2.  "Stone Cold Justice"
A film describing the ill-treatment of Palestinian children under occupation by the Israeli military.  A film which provides background to the afternoon workshop entitled, "No Way to Treat a Child", and to a resolution proposed to GS31 concerning the arrest and detention of Palestinian children by the Israeli military.
Gay Harter, member of the UCC Palestine Israel Network, CT chapter and Lorrie Hall, member of the Israel Palestine Task Team of the Mass Conference.

L3.  Communicating with the People in the Pews
You are reading this so you KNOW about some of the great resources available to your church through your Conference. But does everyone in your church know? Come for a conversation about how your Conference can better reach the people in the pews to enable them to be more connected with the wider church for resources, networking and inspiration. We want your feedback on current communication vehicles and your ideas for new ones.
Tiffany Vail, Associate Conference Minister for Communications for the Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island Conferences of the UCC

L4.  An Introduction to the Israel-Palestine Conflict Through Film
The basic issues involved in the Israel-Palestine conflict illustrated by short films and suggestions for educating faith leaders within churches.
Gay Harter, member of UCC Palestine Israel Network, CT chapter and Lorrie Hall, member of Israel Palestine Task Team of Mass Conference.

L5.  RIMACT Conversation
Led by the Holy Spirit, the Boards of the Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut conferences voted unanimously to commit to join the other two UCC conferences in Southern New England in using the 2015-2016 program year as a season of discernment to listen to how God may be calling our three conferences to either federate or merge. The fundamental question: Is this collaborative ministry among the three Conferences of Southern New England something God wants us to do? How might it be a sign of faithfulness to God’s call? 

You are invited to “chat” with the leaders of the “Season of Discernment” initiative of the Board of Directors of the Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island Conferences.  Participants will have the opportunity to ask the questions to the Conference Minsters and Board Members.  

L6.  Shared Lunch and Networking
This unstructured networking lunch will give you the opportunity to share lunch with other attendees to discuss best practices and other topics.   Grab your lunch and join the conversation.

Afternoon Workshops

28.  What the Tech? Taking Ministry Digital
As the web becomes more social and interactive, it presents new, incredible opportunities for churches to expand their ministries into the digital sphere. Explore how you can use social media, email, databases, the web, and other digital tools to broaden the reach and effectiveness of your church.            
Alex Floyd Marshall, Founder, Soren LLC
29.  Ministry with Trauma in View: An Introduction to Trauma-Informed Practice
The impact of trauma affects every congregation, but is rarely discussed. This workshop will serve as an introduction to trauma within and beyond the church walls and what ministers and lay leaders can do to create cultures of healing. Our time together will include time for case studies, group discussion, and a special focus on trauma informed small group ministry.
Callid Keefe-Perry is an Educator, Minister, and Advocate for the Arts. Callid is a traveling minister in the Quaker church who has a special interest in trauma theory and moral injury and Rev. Jenn Macy, Pastor, Disciples UCC, Danvers, MA 

30.  Ministry in the Aftermath of Suicide
Clergy and churches are often called upon to help families and friends of those who have taken their own lives. This workshop will present information on how to best minister in these situations based on information gathered from those who have suffered through this tragedy.
Annemarie Matulis, Director Bristol County Regional Coalition for Suicide Prevention and Rev. James Tilbe, Pastor First Congregational Church in Raynham
31.  What We've Learned from Vital Congregations
Our UCC has been doing ongoing research on churches that have come alive in their faith and ministry. They have found some common threads in church life and leadership skills. Come and learn the elements that are essential to help your church be healthy, faithful and effective in the changing landscape of ministry.
Rev. Don Remick, Associate Conference Minister, MACUCC

32.  Asset Mapping: A Tool to Create Ministry Projects
Asset Mapping is a fun way to map all the assets of your church (building, talents, people, money, history...) and match them with the needs of your community. By brainstorming in small groups and putting assets and needs on the wall with post-it notes you may be surprised at what ministry possibilities emerge.
Rev. Dr. Norman B. Bendroth. Norman is a Professional Transition Specialist. He is on the faculty of the Interim Ministry Network, a Board Certified Coach, and a church consultant.

33.  Congregational Vitality - 10 Missional Markers
Congregational vitality is both adventurous and treacherous. We don't just drift into congregational vitality. There comes a point when we must ask what does it take to become a healthy missional congregation. This workshop will look at a number of "missional markers" and how they may contribute to congregational vitality.
Rev. Bradley J. Bergfalk

34.  Visioning: Yes You Can!
Research, experience and our faith tells us that Vision matters and yet too often visioning can feel too big or we don't know how to start.  This program will share the experience of a historic, vibrant and growing congregation as they have engaged a visioning process.  You will leave with concrete ideas, lessons learned and resources to use in your own congregation.
Rev. Brent Damrow, Pastor
35.  Evangelism for Progressive Churches 
Skip the hokey tactics and manipulative gimmicks. Learn how to do real and effective outreach to your community that brings 'Good News' and transforms lives.            
Rev. Corey J. Sanderson has started a new UCC church, helped coach other new churches, and has guided established churches in evangelism and outreach.

36.  Curriculum and Resources
This workshop is open to all, however it is required for those enrolled in the MACUCC CE Certification program. We will share and discuss curricula, resources and the "how to's" for their selection.
Karen Ziel, Minister of Faith Formation & Leadership, CTUCC
37.  Here I Stand, I Can Do No Other: Resistance, Civil Disobedience, and the Church
How and when does God call the Church to stand up to civil authority and to stand fast. We  will explore the role of the church in the face of systemic injustice, suffering and harm.
Rev. Jim Antal, MACUCC, Minister and President, Rev. Emily Click from Harvard Divinity School, Rabbi Shoshana Meira Friedman from Temple Sinai of Brookline and The Rev. Margaret Bullitt-Jonas, Ph.D., Missioner for Creation Care, Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts and Mass. Conference, United Church of Christ    

38.  Ending Mass Incarceration
Why does the U.S. -- with only 5% of the world's population -- now have 25% of the world's prisoners? How does this affect families and communities and the goal of racial justice? Learn about the critical role that you, and your congregation, must play in the legislative campaign to reform the criminal justice system.
John Bowman, United Parish in Brookline Access to Justice Fellow Jobs NOT Jails Volunteer and Cassandra Bensahih, Executive Director EPOCA (Ex-Prisoners & Prisoners Organizing for Community Advancement)

39.  Introduction to Level 1 Racial Justice Training
Are you considering attending or hosting a Racial Justice Level One Training offered by the Conference? Come and see the basics of this training that is being used throughout Southern New England. the core purposes of Level 1 Training are to create a common language, begin unmasking racism in our lives, and encourage us to do more work toward racial justice for all.
TJ Harper, Associate for Racial Justice Ministries and Rev. Kelly Gallagher, ACM for Justice and Witness, MACUCC

40.  No Way to Treat a Child: Palestinian Children Under Israeli Military Rule
Equipping faith communities to bear witness. An introduction to a resolution proposed to the Synod asking the UCC to address the systematic ill-treatment of children by the Israeli military and US complicity therein.
Beth Miller, US Advocacy Officer for Defense for Children International-Palestine, and Rev. Allie Perry and Gay Harter of the UCC Palestine-Israel Network, CT Chapter

41.  Family Homelessness 101: What Can The Church Do?
This workshop will provide information about the growing numbers of families that are facing homelessness. Multiple strategies for how a congregation can approach this challenge will be addressed from providing services, community organizing, and advocacy. We will also explore the theological underpinning for this work based on Luke 10: 25-37
Rev. June R. Cooper, Executive Director, City Mission Boston
42.  Multiple Religious Belonging: Problem, Blessing, Both?
What does it mean to claim "multiple religious belonging"-- is this something that the UCC can legitimately recognize for members? for clergy? Pew Research studies, campus-based religious life and the marriage/family patterns of Millennials strongly suggest the need for broad work to create new rituals and articulate new modes of acceptance and theological understanding. Learn something of the dimensions of this work and witness the work/blessing of the communities who engage it.
Rev. Janet M. Cooper Nelson, Chaplain, Brown University

43.  So, How's It Going? - Self-Evaluation for ONA Churches
For lay leaders and clergy in ONA churches In this workshop, you will use the ONA Self-Evaluation tool from the Coalition to determine how ONA experiences and ideas are reflected in the worship, mission, communication, publicity, educational programs and leadership of your church. With this information, you will identify shining areas of your ONA and identify areas that can be developed further. Finally, you will design a plan to bring your ONA ministry into balance and strengthen the living of your ONA covenant.
Kathie Carpenter, ONA Consultant and chair of MACUCC ONA Ministry Team and Ivy Tillman, ONA Consultant and member of MACUCC ONA Ministry Team

44.  Deacons for the 21st Century Church
Is the role of Deacons in your church the same as it was twenty years ago? Or has it shifted and evolved to meet the changing realities of ministry? Come hear, share best practices and learn from your sister church deacons how they are adapting to meet the needs of today's church.
Rev. Jill Graham, Associate Conference Minister, MACUCC, and pastor of First Congregational Church of Sheffield, MA

45.  Speaking Truth to Power-Allies in Troubled Times
Learn and share new ways to advocate for the LGBTQQIA and other historically marginalized communities in these troubled times.
Rev. Dr. Fran Bogle and Doug Anderson

46.  Legislative Advocacy in CTUCC
Now more than ever, we need our voices heard at our State Capitol. Come learn about the Ministry of the Legislative Advocate of CTUCC. What if each State Legislator had a relationship with at least one member of a UCC church? Imagine the impact! Come learn about the new CTUCC Advocate Corps CTUCC is forming to make that happen and action steps you can take today to advocate for issues dear to your heart.
Michele Mudrick, Legislative Advocate CTUCC
47.  Capital Campaigns are both Fun and Fund Raising
Major fund raising for capital needs (renovations, restorations, additions and new construction, etc.) can vitalize a congregation and lift the spirit of everyone involved. "Best practices" suggest that, with experienced consultants, church leaders will find new joy and deeper commitment to their church's mission as God's people. Pastors and lay leaders are invited to come share your dreams, goals, needs and resources as you plan your own unique "Capital Campaign"!
Dave and Pat Williams have been partners as "Campaign Associates" for the last 14 years, working with UCC, ABC and ABC congregations in NE and PA
48.  Healthy Stewardship - We Need To Talk!"       
A healthy church budget should support a congregation’s ministries. However, what is a healthy church budget? How should a congregation think strategically about its finances? This workshop will help church leaders get a handle on their congregation’s finances so they can better support their church’s ministries. People who should consider this workshop: treasurers, moderators, trustees, and pastors.
Rev. Quentin Chin and Rev. Jonathan New, Associate Conference Minister, MACUCC

49.  Planning Special Services in the Church Year
A minister has an ordination service, a Good Friday service is added this year, there’s an All Saints’ Day service, community lessons and carols – all at my church! Where to begin??
Dr. Jo Deen Blaine Davis and Dr. Peter Stickney
50.  Does that Mean I'm Racist?!
An adaptation of the realms of racism training offered by the CTUCC, this workshop covers the four realms of racism (personal, interpersonal, cultural, and institutional) as well as some current issues, customized for young people.  This workshop is offered specifically with youth and young adult participants in mind.
Isaac Monts, Program Associate, CTUCC Racial Justice Ministry and Emily McKenna, Office Manager, CTUCC office

51.  Launching Young Leaders
Does the spiritual life of your youth soar or fizzle after confirmation? How can you help launch teens into service and discipleship? This workshop will explore ways to nurture young leaders through spiritual practices, discernment exercises, and wider church experiences.
Debby Kirk, CTUCC Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries and Rev. Diann Bailey ​

52.  The Amazing Adventure of All-Church Renewal!
Come and hear about one church's adventure of going on Sabbatical together and learn the tools that made it possible! NCC members and friends (individually and collectively) embarked on an intentional four month time of Sabbath and renewal.   They moved more deeply into the discernment of God's vision and plan for the next steps of mission and ministry at NCC. It was a creative, fun, and renewing adventure, ready and able to be launched in your settings.
Rev. Dr. Patricia A. Kogut, Pastor, North Congregational Church UCC Middleboro, MA and NCC leaders.

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