Faith Formation, Christian Education & Youth Ministry

This section of the website offers a wealth of resources for pastors, teachers, youth leaders, Christian educators, adult education coordinators, Bible study leaders, small group leaders, committee members,  and any other local church leaders involved in nurturing faith formation in their churches.


Educational & Networking Opportunities:

Christian Educators' Certification Program

Education for Effective Youth Ministry Certification Program

Christian Education/YM Communities of Practice

Christian Education class

Resources and Events:


Christian Education with Children

Baptism and Communion Resources

Choosing a church school curriculum

Safe Church Conduct Ministry and iCORI information

Vacation Bible School Resources

Youth Ministry

Youth Group Seeds: A Practical Guide to Growing a Youth Group

Youth@Synod 2017- June 30 -July 5 in Baltimore, MD


Confirmation retreats hosted by the Massachusetts Conference

Resources for Confirmation Programs

General Resources

New !!!  Practical Resources for Churches

Daily Lectionary Scripture Readings

Educational Ministries Guidelines and Compensation Resources

Resource Center Media Lending Library

Seasonal Resources: Advent, Christmas & Epiphany

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