Following a Disaster: Resources for Pastors

The Massachusetts Conference Disaster Resource Team is committed to helping your church in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. This protocol outlines the steps that will be taken to assist you.


Worship and prayer resources following natural disaster

Worship litany from the MACUCC Disaster Resource & Response Team

Litanies, prayers, hymns and poems from the Presbyterian Mission Agency

Resources in times of terrorism, war and natural disaster available on The Text This Week

O God Tender and Just: Reflections and Responses after September 11, 2001, by Elizabeth C. Nordbeck.

On Frequent Journeys: Worship Resources on Uprooted Peoples, a book by Rebekah Chevalier.


Signs, Symptoms and Resources for those Impacted by Disaster and Trauma

There is a typical pattern of reaction and behavior that is common to all people who have been through a crisis, disaster or traumatic incident.  Read more about recognizing these behaviors here. Also read in this document:

  • Helpful Ways to Unload Stress
  • Emotional First Aid
  • Providing Support to a Child who has Experienced Trauma
  • Putting Our Hands in God's Hands: A Prayer to Release Trauma Anxiety

Signs, Symptoms and Resources for Those Impacted by Disaster and Trauma


How to Help Children Cope with Disaster

A new downloadable booklet by FEMA and the Red Cross:  Helping Children Cope with Disaster

A resource from Mr. Rogers:  Helping Children with Scary News


Do's and Don'ts after Disaster

All compassionate people want to respond following a disaster. Read this instructive blog by UCC pastor Jennifer Mills-Knutsen to learn what kind of help is truly helpful. 

Help that's helpful: Dos and Don'ts after Disaster


Tips for effective use of the media...

In the event of a disaster or tragedy, ministers may be called upon to comment, make statements, offer hope, and occasionally speak on behalf of congregants. Media interviews can offer the opportunity for a healing experience and may help advocate for a cause. These tips can help prepare pastors, lay leaders, and congregants for the interview process.

Tips for Effective Use of the Media