Hampshire Association Officers

Contact information for the following people is available by contacting the Western Region Office at 413 589-7034 email: holmesd@macucc.org, the Conference Office at 508 875-5233 email: wrighta@macucc.org, or their local church



Moderator -                Rev. Clare Overlander, First Churches of Northampton

Vice-Moderator -        Mr. Lance Humphrey, Church of Christ, Congregational, Granby

Scribe -                      Ms. Judy Stone, First Congregational Church of Hadley

Treasurer -                 Mr. Carl Erickson, Edwards Church of Northampton

Auditor -                     Ms. Linda O’Dea, The Haydenville Congregational Church UCC


Executive Committee:

Mr. Bruce Brewer, North Hadley Congregational Church

Ms. Janet Varnon, The Haydenville Congregational Church UCC

Ms. Ivy Tillman, First Congregational Church, Amherst, UCC

Ms. Nancy Webb, First Congregational Church, UCC, Huntington

Rev. Henry B. Whiteside, Plainfield Congregational Church, Inc.

Rev. Christina Williams, First Congregational Church of Hadley


Church and Ministry Committee:

Chair: Mr. William Bray, The First Congregational Church of Southampton, UCC

MIDWIG Liaison: Mr. Richard Tracy, Westhampton Congregational Church UCC

Registrar: Rev. Robert Livingston, First Congregational Church, UCC, Amherst

Rev. Joanne Graves, First Churches of Northampton

Rev. Ellen Petersen, First Churches of Northampton

Ms. Susan Mason, Easthampton Congregational Church, UCC

Mr. Donald Jourdian, Easthampton Congregational Church, UCC

Mr. Dudley Williams, Plainfield Congregational Church, Inc.

Mr. Robert Varnon, The Haydenville Congregational Church UCC

Ms. Debra Moore, Edwards Church of Northampton

Mr. Gordon Pullan, North Hadley Congregational Church