What Does Insurance Board Membership Mean to You?

As a United Church of Christ church, you are automatically a member of the Insurance Board. You are entitled to certain benefits, many of which are free, aimed at protecting your church and its ministry, and reducing the likelihood and magnitude of a disruptive loss. All of the IB's programs have been developed for the unique needs of your church.

ALL UCC churches and related-ministries are members of the Insurance Board, a non-profit financial ministry owned by the Conferences of the UCC. 


Member Church

Benefits available to you include:

· Discounted electrical inspection program

· Free abuse prevention training that includes on-line video classes

· Property valuation programs

. Loss prevention on-site inspection 

· Discounted background checking services

· Free support for boundary training for clergy

· Free risk management advice

· Free newsletters

· Free webinars, seminars, and more



      All of the benefits of membership PLUS:

     . A comprehensive insurance package that exceeds almost               every other carrier.        

     · A suite of coverage unsurpassed by others (click for more)

     . Substantial coverage/higher limits from A-rated carriers      

     · Claims advocacy

     · IBpropertyFLEX and IBpropertyCLASSIC: designed to meet your church's needs (click here for more)


Download the above information in a flyer here.  For more information, visit www.insuranceboard.org  or call 800-437-8830.

Contact information for local agents of the Insurance Boards may be found here.


Churches: Share your blessings and celebrations with the Insurance Board during their 30th anniversary year, and you may be one of 30 churches chosen to be honored. Click the logo in the box at left to participate!


The Insurance Board is a property and liability insurance program created for churches by churches and founded on the guiding principle of making churches safer places for ministry. The Insurance Board believes that good stewardship means caring for each other.

The Insurance Board has been serving churches for three decades. In 1979 a local church trustee and entrepreneur in northern California felt that churches could improve insurance costs and improve services by forming group policies. Equally important, he realized that the money saved by the churches could be put toward mission opportunities. By 1981 a group insurance program was established in northern California. Within a year, six western conferences had joined. The Insurance Board now is governed by the 38 UCC conferences.

The Insurance Board is a nonprofit corporation established by the participating Conferences of the United Church of Christ. It administers a property and liability insurance program serving churches and related entities within three denominations: United Church of Christ, Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), and Presbyterian Church (USA).  More than 3,600 churches participate in the program representing greater than $11.2 billion dollars in property value. 

To learn more, please feel free to view the 2013 annual report

The Insurance Board also offers to all churches, including non-participants, informational webinars and seasonal newsletters on church safety, abuse, crisis management and more. Learn more at right, or view a downloadable version here.

Access past newsletters here.

From the Insurance Board: 

"We are honored and blessed to have served churches for 30 years! We invite you to submit to us what you are celebrating in 2015. We will chose 30 winners to honor and celebrate." The deadline for submissions is Nov. 1. Click the logo above to participate.