Interfaith and Ecumenical Task Team

United and Uniting:  working to heal division
and build hope with all Christians

That they may all be one.  John 17:21

Witnessing love, working for justice together
with partners of all faiths

The stranger who resides with you shall be to you as the native among
you and you shall love him as yourself.
  Leviticus 19:34

Overview of Interfaith and Ecumenical Vision

Before the United Church of Christ was formed, the ecumenical vision “that they may all be one” was animating our vision.  Since our formation, ecumenism has been central to the identity and the activity of the United Church of Christ.  In recent years, the UCC – and the Massachusetts Conference in particular – has promoted interfaith understanding and dialogue as a crucial expression of our faithfulness.

Interfaith and Ecumenical Task Team

The Conference's work in this area is supported by the Interfaith and Ecumenical Task Team, which seeks to support churches, pastors and members as they live out these important ministries in their communities.

For more information on the ecumenical and interfaith activities of the task team, email Fran Graveson, Chair. 

The MACUCC Interfaith and Ecumenical Task Team has a Facebook page: 
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Resources for Interfaith and Ecumenical Engagement, Understanding, and Reconciliation - these resources will help you engage in dialogue, deepen your understanding, offer support, shape worship services, or plan community or advocacy events.
Resource page

To learn more about ecumenism and social media from Laura Everett, Executive Director of the Mass Council of Churches and UCC minister:
Social Media page

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