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MESA (Ministerial Excellence Support and Authorization) has developed a new Local Church Profile for churches in transition.  The nature and scope of this profile will reshape the way interim ministry is done.  At our October 6th workshop we began to explore the implications of the New UCC Local Church Profile on the work and ministry of interims.  We talked about this in the context of the continuum of ministry of settled, through transition to settled.  Below is the PowerPoint (Continuing the Continuum) that was used at this workshop.  Below is also the PowerPoint: "Introducing the new Local Church Profile - " which comes from Malcolm Himshoot of MESA (Ministerial Excellence, Support and Authorization).  It is their introduction to the new profile for interims.  

Continuing the Continuum of Interim Ministry

Introducing the New Local Church Profile




This winter our national UCC revised the Ministerial Profile to reflect the information churches need for the selection of an interim pastor.  At our MACUCC spring training event (The Continuum of Ministry), we spoke about this revision and its potential use.  Since then our Conference staff in Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts have talked about switching to the UCC Ministerial Profile for all interim positions.  The staff fully endorsed moving to the UCC Ministerial Profile for its consistency for churches and interims who seek positions in multiple conferences. 

Effective June 15, 2016 all new profiles by pastors seeking interim positions will need to be in the UCC Ministerial Profile (and Snapshot) format.  You can find information for this at   

  • Please be sure to fill out the section that specifically pertains to Interim positions
  • Current MACUCC Interim Pastor Profiles will still be valid after June 15, 2016 UNTIL the Oxford Documents Background Check expires.  You will not be required to make the change to the new UCC Ministerial Profile until your Oxford expires, however, you may want to so that you are consistent with the materials being reviewed by interim search committees.
  • Background checks will no longer be done by the MA Conference.  They will be done through the UCC Ministerial Profile. 
  • If you are not a UCC pastor you will not be able to access the UCC Ministerial Profile.  For information, speak with the regional Associate Conference Minister for your area or Don Remick.

 A few things to remember when completing the new profile:

  • Remember, the profile is fundamentally a tool to get you an interview. 
  • We'll be encouraging interim search committees to first focus on the interim section which includes your statement of your understanding of interim ministry.
  • It is up to you to use the questions asked in the profile as a means of sharing who you are, what you believe, how you minister, what ignites your passion, etc.  Be creative: the questions are meant to give you opportunity, not limit your expression.  Some folks have found this new profile as an exceptional tool to describe their experience and style.  Others find it cumbersome.  I find that the difference does not rest in the profile.   

As the ministry with our churches in times of transition continues to unfold, evolve and adapt, we increasingly find transitional ministry to be pivotal to the health, faithfulness and effectiveness of our churches.  Thank you for all you are doing to make it so.


Don Remick

Transitional Ministry in MACUCC!

Interim time is a crucial time in the life of a congregation.   Its an important time to reflect on where the church has been and where it is going.   To prepare for the next chapter in the life and ministry of the church this is a pivotal time to discover "Who we are?", "Who is our neighbor?", and "What is God calling us to do and to be?"    Finding this crystal clarity is pivotal to an effective search process for the next pastor, as well as a healthy, faithful and effective start in the churches next chapter.   

Our Conference offers a variety of resources and guidance for this time.   You'll find some on our website.   Along with guidance from your Associate Conference Minister and leadership of the Association you'll find a qualified Interim pastor who can help the church do this faithful work of reflection and discernment.  

Our Conference also has a Transitional Ministry Team that constantly seeks to upgrade the skills of our interims with some of the latest insights and information.   Additionally, Most Interims are involved in the Communities of Practice, some with only other Interims, others with both Settled and Interims. Annually, Interims gather together for an “In-Service Day” and many also attend workshops sponsored by the Mass Conference Leadership. 

As your church's interim time approaches, connect with your Associate Conference Minister as soon as possible to get the help you need to move into and through this time faithfully
If you are interested in Interim Training, please read through the weblinks below for more information on interim ministry in our Conference.   You may also want to visit the Interim Ministry Network website for a current list of training options.

If you are new to the Interim Ministry process in the Mass Conference, please review the "MACUCC Protocols for Interim Ministry" document.  The document outlines the interim process and provides you with important information you will need prior to your interim search.  
Questions regarding the UCC Ministerial Profile:  Martha Goodman
To know which local churches are seeking Interims, contact the Associate Conference Minister for that Region - Conference Staff Directory.

Thanks for the faithful service “in nurturing local church vitality and strengthening the covenant among our churches” in the MA Conference.
Task Force Members:
Winston Baldwin
Quentin Chin
David Fountain
Lee Ireland, Connecticut Conference
Vicky Keene
Skip Macaulay, Rhode Island Conference 
Susan Murtha, Connecticut Conference
Peggy O'Connor
Rand Peabody
Michael Penn-Strah
Don Remick, Staff to the Transitional Ministry Task Force
Mark Seifried
Jay Terbush, Connecticut Conference


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