Past Massachusetts Disasters

The Disaster Resource Team responds to emergency needs of churches and individuals in the Commonwealth and beyond. Here are some examples:

  • 2007  Norton domestic violence...assisted pastor and church in their ministry with church members and the larger            community, including a 'debriefing'

  • 2009  Holy Week floods....two long-term recovery groups

  • 2010  Church fire in Western MA

  • 2011  Hurricane Irene and the flooding in Western Massachusetts and Vermont

  • 2011  October snowfall with extensive downed trees and power outages

  • 2011  June tornado from Springfield to Sturbridge

  • 2012  Hurricane Sandy...offered and facilitated assistance to CT, NY and NJ, also contacted    MACUCC churches along the coast

  • 2012  Sandy Hook shooting...offered and facilitated assistance and support from our churches

  • 2013  Blizzard and contact with churches

  • 2013  Boston Marathon bombing

  • 2013  Facilitated church support with Typhoon Haiyan and Moore, OK tornado

  • 2014  Tornado in Revere...contacted local churches to offer support
  • 2014  Church fire in Malden 

  • 2015  Record snowfall winter...contacted churches and facilitated contact with each other for morale, storm damage,  general support.

  • 2016 Tornado.  A tornado swept through the northwest Middlesex region of Massachusetts damaging nearly 40 homes in the Sudbury to Concord area. 
  • 2016 Hurricanes Hermine and Matthew.  Both of these storms brought damage to the east coast and were predicted to come ashore in New England. Though they took a turn out to sea, the impact was still felt and we supported responses to other eastern seaboard communities.
  • 2017 February Tornado.  This was the first February tornado on record leaving damage to our church in Conway Massachusetts and several homes within that community.