Past Massachusetts Disasters

The Disaster Resource Team responds to emergency needs of churches and individuals in the Commonwealth and beyond. Here are some examples:

2018 September 13 - Merrimack Valley gas explosions affecting the towns of Andover, North Andover and Lawrence.

2018 March Winter Storm Riley, a hurricane force NorEaster that knocked out power, uprooted trees, and flooded coastal areas.

2017 February Tornado.  This was the first February tornado on record leaving damage to our church in Conway Massachusetts and several homes within that community. 

2016 Hurricanes Hermine and Matthew.  Both of these storms brought damage to the east coast and were predicted to come ashore in New England. Though they took a turn out to sea, the impact was still felt and we supported responses to other eastern seaboard communities.

2016 Tornado.  A tornado swept through the northwest Middlesex region of Massachusetts damaging nearly 40 homes in the Sudbury to Concord area. 

2015  Record snowfall winter...contacted churches and facilitated contact with each other for morale, storm damage,  general support.

2014  Church fire in Malden 

2014  Tornado in Revere...contacted local churches to offer support

2013  Facilitated church support with Typhoon Haiyan and Moore, OK tornado

2013  Boston Marathon bombing

2013  Blizzard and contact with churches

2012  Sandy Hook shooting...offered and facilitated assistance and support from our churches

2012  Hurricane Sandy...offered and facilitated assistance to CT, NY and NJ, also contacted MACUCC churches along the coast

2011  June tornado from Springfield to Sturbridge

2011  October snowfall with extensive downed trees and power outages

2011  Hurricane Irene and the flooding in Western Massachusetts and Vermont

2010  Church fire in Western MA

2009  Holy Week floods....two long-term recovery groups

2007  Norton domestic violence...assisted pastor and church in their ministry with church members and the larger            community, including a 'debriefing'