Racial Justice Resource Archive

Read a Statement on DACA from the MACUCC 

From the UCC: Recommended books on racism for children

Racial justice resources for families

"Intersections - Racism and..." from the United Church of Christ

Recommended videos:

A Pastoral Letter on Racism: A New Awakening, from UCC leaders

Ferguson National Response Network (listing of planned response events for #Ferguson and all police brutality and racial injustice nationwide)

A Statement from Catholic Theologians on Racial Justice

A Letter from Missouri (from American Baptist Churches USA)

On Black Vision and Turning Points (with a list of helpful links to reflections by various contemporary critical race theorists and activists)

Civil Disobedience: Disrupting the False Peace

How I Discovered I am White

Race Matters in the Classroom

Litany for Those Who Aren't Ready for Healing

Read a pastoral letter from Allen Fluent, Acting Conference Minister, Missouri Mid-South Conference, UCC

CT Conference Minister Kent Siladi's statement

UCC Sacred Conversation on Race resources

Theology of Ferguson: An Interview with Walter Brueggemann

Nov. 30, 2014 sermon by  Rev. Todd Weir, First Churches of Northampton: “Tear Open the Heavens”.   

This poem by Langston Hughes entitled "Harlem" could easily be named "Ferguson" today

Prayer for the People of Ferguson by Rev. Sarah Lammert, UUA

Dear God of Oneness, Source of Life, Known by a Thousand Names
We pray for the people of Ferguson today.
We especially hold in our hearts the family Michael Brown who must live their loss over and over again.
No Justice No Peace! Hands Up Don’t Shoot!
Our cries rise up from the troubled burial grounds 
To the courts of law and the barricaded police stations
Our prayers flutter on the cold winds of November,
Our hearts made strong by the ones who stand in the streets and hold hands in the churches and sing shout for a changed world.
May we continue to believe in hope, may we act for the good, may the children of Ferguson sleep safely tonight, 
Dear One, give us the courage to stay in the fight, 
May the long arc of Love ever be our guide.

General resources from Textweek

Prayers and Liturgies useful for A Sacred Conversation on Race

Hymns and Scripture possibilities for a Sacred Conversation on Race

Wide array of resources on a variety of Justice Issues on the national UCC website

Handbook for A Neighborhood Conversation on Race – a a 50+ page Handbook assembled when the MACUCC hosted The Amistad in October 2003

Video and program: Traces of the Trade: A Story of Slavery From the Deep North