Resources and Links / Divestment from Fossil Fuels is a divestment web portal with a logo commissioned by the MACUCC for use by UCC congregations that divest from fossil fuels.

GreenFaith, an interfaith environmental organization, has a great collection of resources on their Divest and Reinvest Now! page.

News Update:
July 3, 2015 - The National body of the Episcopal Church has voted to divest from fossil fuelsClick here to read the press release regarding the this from the 78th General Convention of the Episcopal Church.

Fossil free funds:

Note: The MACUCC does not endorse any particular funds. Always consult with your financial adviser before making investment decisions. 

With each passing year the number of fossil free investment vehicles climbs steadily upward. The following is a list of some known fossil free funds:

  • UCF Beyond Fossil Fuels funds
  • Access Capital Community Investment Fund
  • CRA Qualified Investment
  • Green Century Balanced & Green Century Equity
  • Parnassus Endeavour Fund
  • Pax World Global Environmental Markets Funds & Pax World Growth Funds
  • Portfolio 21 
  • 6 Calvert funds

For more information on these funds:

2013 General Synod vote to divest:

YouTube Videos:

Scroll down to see the embedded videos. 

McKibben Corner:

A collection of Bill McKibben's writing and speak on fossil fuel divestment.

Read a letter signed by corporate leaders in 1977 calling for govenmental cooperation in reducing energy consumption- and a letter to those same corporations 33 years later from high school students asking why they did not heed their own call! Click here.


Blog post by the Rev. John Allen (September 2013)

Jim Antal gets pie'd for divestment at Super Saturday

Jim and his climate intern made a deal. Watch the outcome at March 2015's Super Saturday, as well as a 65th birthday surprise!

The Guardian: Why We Need to Keep Fossil Fuels in the Ground

Introductory divestment video from Fossil Free

September 22, 2014 - Archbishop Desmond Tutu speaks on the eve of the UN Climate Summit.