Stewardship and Church Finance Resources

To order resources, contact Karen Methot at, or call 508-875-5233 x 234. Where indicated, some resources can be downloaded from our website.

Annual & Year Round Stewardship

Inspiring Generosity  A stewardship resource for the local church. 
This primary resource includes the theological background on the motivation for giving, as well as complete instructions for four of the best programmatic approaches to fundraising in the church (Personal Visits, Consecrating Stewards, Invited to Give – Thanks! and Faith-Promise). Available from the MA Conference for $10. Please Order here.

Annual Enlistment Programs (free pdf download)
Provides descriptions of various pledge programs as well as instructions for personal delivery, congregational dinner, small group and Sunday worship programs.    

Testify In Worship by Jennifer Davis (free pdf download)
Gives helpful advice for laity seeking to share their faith around giving with their congregations.     

Visiting Stewards Guide  (free pdf download)
Provides useful tips and encouragement for visitors engaged in an every-member personal visit pledge program.     

Capital Campaigns

A Guide to Capital Campaigns (free pdf download)
Provides in booklet format an introduction to Capital Campaigns.   

Planned Giving

Planned Giving Resources
Advice and bulletin inserts to promote planned giving in your congregation. Free. Please Order here.

Church Finances

Audit Committee Handbook by Frank A. Marino, MBA, CPA (free pdf download)
Provides complete guidance for internal audits by church audit committees. 
A Church Finance Handbook: for Church Treasurers and Finance Committees edited by Karen McArthur.
A comprehensive guide for local church treasurers and trustees. OUT OF PRINT: Available to view online (or download) only.

Endowment Policy Manual (free pdf download)
Provides a step-by-step workbook for creating an endowment policy, as well as sample endowment policies and Masachusetts General Laws provisions regarding endowments. 

Recommended Reads

These books are available in limited supply from the MACUCC office. Please contact Karen Methot to order. They may also be ordered through UCC Resources and other on-line booksellers as indicated.

Ask, Thank, Tell: Improving Stewardship Ministry in Your Congregation by Charles R. Lane
Lane gives biblically grounded, practical, easy to follow, advice that if followed would transform the church. The emphasis is on mission, not maintenance; discipleship, not membership; and the giver’s need to give, not the church’s need to receive.

At Ease: Discussing Money and Values in Small Groups by John & Sylvia Ronsvalle with U. Milo Kaufmann           Based on congregational small-group discussions that create support and trust, this book helps individuals identify their fears and worries, as well as their attitudes on stewardship and support of the church. A series of questions leads participants by steps to new and increasingly probing conversations about these issues. Individual readers can also use the book.

Creating Congregations of Generous People by Michael Durall
Written with the voice of experience, this book will help clergy and lay leaders initiate and sustain effective stewardship programs. Durall believes that asking for money eventually becomes routine, even tedious-but creating a congregation of generous people becomes ever more meaningful with passing time.

Full Disclosure by Herb Miller
Everything the Bible says about financial giving. Identifies 20 themes regarding financial giving and provides all the biblical texts which illustrate these themes.

Generous Saints: Congregations Rethinking Ethics and Money by James Hudnut-Beumler
This book deals with vital questions. "What does the Lord require? What is the true meaning of the term 'commonwealth?' And how does the church build a stable base for its members to live ethical lives?" A positive approach to forming the basis for new thought and discussion.

Giving Myths: Giving Then Getting the Life You’ve Always Wanted by Stephen B. McSwain
In this book, the author challenges such giving myths as tithing and fair share giving, to suggest that the central task of spiritual growth is to learn to give ourselves away, and thus find the life we always wanted. McSwain writes, "Without question, the happiest and most fulfilled people are those who have learned to give themselves and their resources away. That's not only a fact but the central premise of this book. As Jesus said, 'If you try to keep your life for yourself, you will lose it. But if you give up your life for me, you will find true life.'" (Matt. 16:25)

Giving Together: A Stewardship Guide for Families by Carol W. Wehrheim
A small group study guide to help families understand stewardship in the family, congregation and the community. This book illustrates a holistic understanding, including careful consideration of the choices we make and the role of Christian discipleship in our lives.

Growing Up Generous: Engaging Youth in Giving and Serving by Eugene C. Roehlkepartain, et al
The authors create a mosaic of what is happening (and what could happen) in American Jewish and Christian congregations to cultivate in young people a deep and lasting commitment to giving and serving.

Plain Talk About Churches and Money by Dean Hoge, Patrick McNamara, and Charles Zech
Explodes myths, reveals facts, and explores motives for giving. Also offers practical insight and real help for churches everywhere and for everyone who wants to understand fund raising and to celebrate stewardship.

Stewardship in the Small Membership Congregation by Clark Hargus
The church is called to be stewards regardless of the size of the congregation. This workbook is a study guide and includes the "Faithful, Hopeful, Loving" stewardship and mission emphasis. (now includes two previously separate pieces, "Biblical Principles of Stewardship"-with a "flexible worksheet"-and "Faithful-Hopeful-Loving: A Three-Week Stewardship Program").

The Price of Faith by Marie T. Cross
Ten session plans that deal with personal finances, church funds, charity, and attitudes about money are included to help adults gain a new understanding of stewardship. A great resource for an adult Christian education class or Stewardship Committee.