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Note: Whether churches contribute to the wider church via the Conference's new United Church Mission plan or the old OCWM/ Fellowship Dues combination, a portion of that giving (equivalent to 47% of OCWM as voted by Annual Meeting) is remitted to the national setting of the UCC toward Our Church's Wider Mission Basic Support. Learn more about OCWM at the national setting through these resources:

National UCC OCWM Page

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Global Ministries Website

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We are often asked what contributing to the Massachusetts Conference and the United Church of Christ accomplishes. There are a number of ways to look at the answer to this question. We suggest you start by reading Mary's story, below. Then, to look at this information another way, view this list of what wider church mission and ministry includes.

Mary's Story

Mary, a mother, comes to church with her child, Amy. She settles Amy into the Sunday school, secure in her safety – the church has implemented safe church policies with the assistance of the Conference. In Sunday school the child learns of God’s love for everyone using a UCC curriculum. The teachers have attended “Learning to Teach” seminars offered by the Massachusetts Conference, belong to a Christian Educator’s Community of Practice, and their director has gone through the Christian Educator’s Certification program. They call the Conference when they are looking for resources.

Mary settles into a pew and opens the colorful Sunday bulletin, printed on the UCC Sunday bulletin series. There are a lot of announcements this morning. Two carloads of people are going to the next twice-annual “Super Saturday” event of the Conference, where over 30 workshops on every aspect of church life will be offered. There is a fundraiser for youth in the church who will be attending the next UCC National Youth Event. Several church members are going to help with disaster recovery on a mission trip organized through the United Church of Christ Wider Church Ministries. There will be confirmation in two weeks for the confirmands, who attended a confirmation retreat sponsored by the Conference. Mary has her own announcement, encouraging members to join her in signing up for the Lenten Carbon Fast. She points them to the MACUCC website for more information.

Mary loves the church's pastor, who was called just two years earlier after a search with help from Don Remick, one of the Conference’s regional Associate Conference Ministers. The pastor was trained at Andover Newton Theological School, a UCC seminary. She received financial aid from the Conference’s Bennie Whitten Seminary Debt Reduction Fund, which has allowed her to accept the salary offered by this small church. The pastor is a member of a Clergy Community of Practice, which helped support her through some difficult issues.

The congregation rises to sing a hymn out of the UCC New Century Hymnal. Worship this morning incorporates ideas gained at a Pastoral Excellence workshop sponsored by the Conference. Mary follows along with the scripture reading in the pew Bible from United Church Press. A lay person does the call to offering, testifying to the love the congregation showed her when her husband died suddenly. Having a lay person testify as the call to offering was an idea picked up from the Stewardship Committee at a Conference stewardship event led by Jonathan New. Today a special offering – One Great Hour of Sharing - is also collected. Mary is delighted to be able to give to support this special UCC offering that provides disaster relief, refugee resettlement and development assistance to those in need around the world.

After the service, Mary goes to coffee hour, where she has a cup of delicious Equal Exchange Free Trade coffee that the church switched to as part of the UCC Coffee Project. Mary confirms her next Bible study meeting. They are currently using “Weekly Seeds,” a free weekly Bible study from the UCC.

Mary is so happy to be part of this loving, faithful congregation. She was invited to attend by a friend. Her friend learned how to invite others at an evangelism training event offered by the Conference. Mary also checked out the church website. It had been updated and improved after the webmaster attended a “WebFest” event led by Tiffany Vail at the Conference. Mary’s church also has a Facebook page, set up after attending a Super Saturday workshop on that topic.

A member of the church grumbled to Mary, “What do we get for all this money we give to the wider church, anyway?” Mary hardly knew where to begin.