Youth Group Seeds: A Practical Guide to Growing a Youth Group

Youth Group Seeds: A Practical Guide to Growing a Youth Group is a labor of love written by a dedicated pastor with a special calling for youth ministry combined with the gifts of commitment, experience and wisdom.

This helpful, practical guide is written for those who know that building a faith-filled foundation for our youth as they journey into the future is, indeed, a precious ministry.  Order your copy today!  Only $16.00 plus shipping costs. Click here to order online.   (If you would rather mail a check, print the order form and mail it with a check payable to MACUCC, 1 Badger Road, Framingham, MA  01702 c/o Cindy Bolton)


Youth Seeds CoverIf growing a youth group in a local church was an easy thing to do, every church would have a youth group. The truth is, creating and growing a youth group is hard work. To grow a youth group a church needs a committed leadership team and a handful of enthusiastic teens to get things started. This book describes the seeds that are needed to grow a youth group. Also included in this book are 30 program seeds that can be tailored for use in local church youth groups.





Terry MartinsonThe Rev. Terry O. Martinson was the senior pastor of The Old South Union Church – United Church of Christ in South Weymouth, Massachusetts. For almost 40 years, he nurtured the growth of the church’s youth group. In 1972 the youth group had less than 50 members. Now there are over 500 active, enthusiastic members meeting every Sunday evening during the school year. Terry is a graduate of Bethany College (1969) and Princeton Theological Seminary (1972.) He was ordained as a minister in the United Church of Christ in June of 1972.  Rev. Terry Martinson served as the pastor of The Old South Union Church in S. Weymouth for 41 years. His youth group, which he led, had more than 500 members in grades 7 - 12 and a staff of four dozen volunteers. Terry retired from the church in 2013. The youth group is still going strong.