Disaster Resource & Response Team

Disasters occur everywhere. They might be natural, such as a flood or earthquake; or, human caused, like an oil spill or train derailment spilling toxic materials in a community. This section of the website has been developed by the Disaster Resource Team to offer information on how you can help and ways you can prepare. 

We encourage our pastors and church leaders to bring this information into a larger conversation with the leadership and membership of their congregation. It may also be a helpful conversation with the ecumenical and interfaith community as well as your local community leaders.

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Disaster Response in Massachusetts     

         Yes, we Have Disasters in Massachusetts

          Preparing for Disasters in the Local Churches

          What our Conference will do for you


Before: Preparing For Disaster

Access Disaster Preparation Resources

           For Pastors

           For Individuals/Families

           For Churches


During: Surviving A Disaster 

Access Disaster Survival Resources

           For Pastors

           For Individuals/Families

           For Churches


After: Dealing With The Aftermath

Access Follow-Up Resources

           For Pastors

           For Individuals/Families

           For Churches


How You Can Help

           Make a Donation


           Assemble emergency kits

           UCC Disaster Ministries


Who We Are

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