Church Energy Use: Can We Harness Hope?

The Parish Paper


Carbon dioxide emissions have been implicated as a key factor in rising global temperatures. Because all church buildings use energy, much of it derived from carbon-based sources such as oil and coal, congregations play a role in energy consumption. Although congregations represent a small piece of the big picture, they can still offer hope for the community or the wider church.   The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that if every house of worship nationwide (about 300,000) ...

Many Voices, One Mission: Stories We Need To Tell

Drew Page


"We, the Conferences of the United Church of Christ, are uniquely positioned to tell the most important stories of our time." —Drew Page

Puerto Rican Evacuees in Dedham: A Conversation with Rev. Cheryl Kerr

Joanne Dickey


Recently we had an opportunity to visit with the Rev. Cheryl Kerr, pastor of the Allin Congregational Church in Dedham, MA, to discuss the plight of Puerto Rican evacuees currently residing at the Marriott Residence Inn and the Fairmont Hotel in Dedham.     Here is what we learned.   After hurricanes Irma and Maria wiped out the infrastructure, homes and schools of a huge population in Puerto Rico, Governor Baker stood with other governors throughout the country and invited evacuees to come to ...

Many Voices, One Mission: Be A Champion for Racial Justice

TJ Harper


"There is no one way or best way to achieve racial justice; instead, it is our collective differences and our united goal that will one day allow us to be successful in achieving equity for all God's people." —TJ Harper

Seeking and Supporting a Faith Formation Staff Member

Debbie Gline Allen


New and updated resources now available: "Seeking a Christian Educator or Youth Ministry Leader" and "Youth Ministry Handbook"

Extreme Weather, Power Outages, Disaster Symposium: MACUCC Disaster Resource And Response Team Shares Valuable Information

Estelle Margarones


Three recent storms caused major disruptions all over Massachusetts. The extreme weather highlights the need for emergency preparedness plans and relationships with disaster service providers. Your Mass Conference Disaster Resource and Response Team offers you the opportunity to get to know these local agencies and hear about post-traumatic growth on April 12. "Help and Hope: Faith Based Connections for Disaster Preparedness, Response, and Recovery" is a gathering of those who work and volunteer...

Many Voices, One Mission: The Why of Unity

Kent Siladi


"Our congregations and our wider church need to look outward and shout to the world that Jesus Christ is Sovereign without being judgmental or formulating value judgments regarding the worth of others."—Rev. Kent Salad

Marching Forth Together for Gun Safety

Kelly Gallagher


The Parkland shootings have once again brought the issue of gun safety to the front of our national dialogue. This time, however, our young people are being listened to as they respond to the tragedy of gun deaths in this country. I am reminded of Jesus’ attention to the children in the Gospel, how he called them to him, used them as examples to his disciples as to how to be in this world, and warned all of us of the consequences of causing any one of them to stumble. As the young people of this...

And There Came the Sound of a Rushing Wind

Don Remick


This past weekend a winter storm ('Riley' by name) exploded into a hurricane force Nor'Easter.  Wind recordings topped out at nearly 100 MPH in some areas. That wind drove tidal surges accompanied by flooding rains to heights rivaling the most historic of storms in recorded history. (Yes, we are in that new norm of storms that come with 'Greater Frequency and Greater Intensity'.) Many folks ended up without power for days. In fact, at the time of this writing, nearly 75,000 are still without ...

Finding Significance as a Small Church

The Parish Paper


March 2018—Volume 26, Number 3                      Copyright @ 2018 by Cynthia Woolever Imagine a company with more than 300,000 small retail outlets, which are locally owned and supported. Their presence is so evenly distributed geographically that every county in the U.S. has one or more outlets—in some cases, even dozens of outlets. Almost all own their facilities and attract millions of volunteers. If such an enterprise existed, it would be widely recognized as a success story of unmatched...

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