Many Voices One Mission: It Happens Outside

Jennifer Kronholm Clark


"God gave Creation over to humans as stewards, and it seems we’ve forgotten our duty to care for it." — Jennifer Kronholm Clark

This Is How We Grow Christians

Deborah Gline Allen


Children are constantly taking in what is going on around them, even when they don’t appear to be paying attention.

A Place to Call Home

Karen Methot


Community – that basic human impulse to be part of a group, particularly one that understands your struggles and offers support and friendship.

Disaster Preparedness should include an Emergency Pet Form

Kim Murphy


When we are faced with an emergency or weather event that mandates the evacuation from our homes, we often have very little to no time in which to gather and pack the items needed to make our stay in a shelter or the home of a family member or friend as manageable and stress-free as possible. That is why every member of the family is encouraged to have a “go kit” ready to, well, go. Just as people should have “go kits,” our pets need “go kits,” as well. Now that first responders have realized ...

How to Develop Habits for Well-Being

The Parish Paper


Seminaries and social work programs often ask their students to create a self-care plan. Not only does this send a message about self-care while pursuing a degree, ordination, or certification, it also makes clear that self-care is a life-long commitment for those who serve the church and others.

Many Voices One Mission: Actions Matter, Now

Pam Arifian


"The interconnectedness of justice issues and climate impact means that your action at every level matters." — Pam Arifian

Many Voices One Mission: Exciting Stewardship

Charles Kuchenbrod


"The stewardship committee often is placed in the church trustee/finance budget constellation of people. It belongs in the deacon/faith formation constellation of people." — Charlie Kuchenbrod

Active Threat (Shooter) Training for Churches

Rev. Rob Donaldson


We want to believe that houses of worship are safe spaces, yet we have been shown again that there are those that would desecrate religious places through violent actions. Our hearts go out to our Jewish sisters and brothers in the wake of the massacre that claimed 11 lives during worship at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh on Saturday, October 27. We remember the shootings at churches in Sutherland Springs, Texas and in Charleston, South Carolina, and still we hear, “That wouldn't ...

It’s All About Relationships…and Networking…and Resources

Deborah Gline Allen


Christian Education Youth Ministry Communities of Practice provide opportunities to gather monthly to share resources, ideas, and support.

Many Voices One Mission: We Do Jesus Differently

Wendy Vander Hart


"As the United Church of Christ...we do Jesus differently." —Rev. Wendy Vander Hart

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