Let's Take a Walk: The Ministry of Accompaniment

The Parish Paper


Walking alongside someone in a time of need can be vastly reassuring. The ministry of “accompaniment,” often provided by churches in support for immigrants facing deportation, takes the metaphor of “walking alongside” to mean a commitment to be present and bear witness to the struggle for fair treatment. With a little imagination, the accompaniment model could be stretched to include a ministry of presence to anyone who struggles, whether due to immigration woes, poverty, or addiction. ...

Are We Changing or Transforming?

Ellie Richardson


Photo by Angela Menke Ballou. Used with permission Change and transformation are two words frequently used interchangeably, often leading to confusion and sometimes, disappointment.   What is change? Change is an alteration, modification, remodeling or a variation. When water is subjected to temperatures below 32° F it freezes into ice. Raise the temperature a few degrees and it changes back to water.   What is transformation? Transformation is a metamorphosis. When a caterpillar spins ...

Envisioning Racial Justice Brings Pain, Promise

Donique McIntosh


I started my ministry as the Racial Justice Team Leader with the soon-to-be Southern New England Conference just six weeks ago...

Get Up High!

Brendan Curran


    In the very midst of their destruction, the prophet Isaiah empowers the people of God. The people in exile feel abandoned by God because they have been severed from the land. Isaiah comforts them in their hopelessness, saying, Get you up to a high mountain, O Zion, herald of good tidings, lift up your voice with strength, O Jerusalem … Lift it up, do not fear. - Isaiah 40:9    We, as humans, are currently being severed from the land and the Earth by ecological devastation.  Facing and ...

Circle Up at Super Saturday

Brenda Nolan


The MACUCC Restorative Justice Task Team highlights the principles and values of interconnectivity, healing, and community health and well-being, which are central to the practice of restorative justice as gifted to us by Native Peoples of the Americas, Africa, and the South Pacific.

Bring Your Youth to Super Saturday!

Debbie Gline Allen


Youth groups, confirmation classes, and their adult leaders will lead all Super Saturday participants in a Church World Service mission project.

Facing the Rising Sun Part 4: The Legacy of Judy Simmons

Cleo Graham


Rev. Cleo Graham commemorates the 400-year anniversary of African slaves first coming to America by sharing stories about her own ancestors.

A Team Approach to Worship Design

The Parish Paper


Audrey Wells, director of Under the Tuscan Sun, describes how the use of non-professionals enriched the film crew’s effort to tell their story. For scenes in the town’s piazza, local people who walked there every day were asked to serve as “extras.” For the food scenes, a nearby restaurant cooked the meals. After its release, many local participants gathered at the movie theater, which itself had appeared in the film, to enjoy the story they had helped to tell. From the director’s perspective, ...

Facing the Rising Sun Part 3: Slave, Midwife, and Legacy

Cleo Graham


Rev. Cleo Graham commemorates the 400-year anniversary of African slaves first coming to America by sharing stories about her own ancestors.

And Now For Something New

Tiffany Vail


Here we are at the end of August, and there is indeed a plan for something new. I thought I'd share it, and I invite your feedback.

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