Best Practices for Church Members Serving as Staff

The Parish Paper


Jean grew up in a large Methodist church in Ohio—confirmed there, active as a young adult, and married there. To accept a part-time job at the church, and later to go full-time as the youth director, felt like a natural fit. “But to be on that side of the fence, attending staff meetings, was different,” she said. “I was seeing the magic behind the scenes that I didn’t know about. It was all about numbers. I still needed to be filled spiritually, to learn and to grow, and all of a sudden it was a...

A Living Hope

Wendy Vander Hart


The meeting began with the passing around of a relic- a button from the Poor Peoples Campaign march in 1968.  Fingers grasped the round blue button with the picture of Martin Luther King Jr. in its center as it moved from hand to hand.  We were meeting about the Poor People’s Campaign to plan, plot and praise a moral imperative drawn from the past but still inspiring future action.   Wikipedia notes that a relic can be a term for something that has survived the passage of time, especially an ...

Board the Tri-Conference Bus to the Eastern Regional Youth Event This Summer!

Debbie Gline Allen


The Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut Conferences will be traveling together. In order to make arrangements for a bus, we invite you to help us by filling out an online pre-registration form.

Faith Formation Updates - Something for Everyone!

Debbie Gline Allen


Here are some updates and helpful resources to aid you in keeping the baptismal vows we make “to love, support, and care for these children as they live and grow in Christ."

FEMA Expands Public Assistance Eligibility to Include Houses of Worship

Don Remick


Friends, A new policy has been adopted by FEMA that relates to houses of worship. Formerly, when a disaster was declared for a region the federal resources through FEMA focused on individual households with some assistance to businesses. With this new ruling, non-profit houses of worship can access the resources and financial support through FEMA. You can read more about this in an article from FEMA below. Keep this information on file.  Don Remick, Associate Conference Minister   FEMA today ...

Make a New Year's Resolution for Your Youth Ministry Program

Debbie Gline Allen


Registration is open for the Massachusetts Conference Education for Effective Youth Ministry (EEYM) program which begins January 20th.

18 Questions for 2018

The Parish Paper


Tim Shapiro, from the Indianapolis Center for Congregations, believes that vibrant congregations exhibit a commitment to increasing congregational capacity. As demands on congregations grow, clergy and laity struggle to “maintain agency over their problems rather than the problems having hold on them.

Partnering with Families for Children’s Faith Formation

Debbie Kolacki


Those of us in Christian Education work hard to provide our children and youth with information and experiences which we hope will lead them to have a lifelong faith. Yet, we are also recognizing that another important aspect of our ministry is partnering with families in their children’s faith formation. Studies, such as the The importance of parents National Study on Youth and Religion, have found that the single most important social influence on the religious and spiritual lives of ...

Join City Mission To Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Poor People’s March

June Cooper


Fifty years ago, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King announced the Poor People’s Campaign. Although launched in 1968, this movement continues to be relevant today.  A recent Boston Globe series confronted Boston’s most vexing issue -- racism.  If you Google the phase “most racist city” Boston pops up more than any other place, time and time again. Racism is played in the delivery of health care, and educational systems, and in employment. There are huge disparities in Boston, where the poverty rate for ...

A Call to Join the Race

Wendy Vander Hart


There is a race to be run right now and it is not the short distance of a 5K.

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