Faith Comes Alive: Spiritual practices that go deeply inward and take us deeply outward

Don Remick


How is it with your spirit?  For the last couple decades we have seen a resurgence in a longing for spiritual practices that can bring meaning to our lives. It seems to parallel a disenchantment with institutional religion which either seems to be too organizational maintenance absorbed or too radically extremist. Folks, in their longing, are turning to online and communal resources to discover (or rediscover) ancient practices from a variety of faith traditions. At their worst this can be ...

Restorative Justice: Conflict Transformation

Brenda Nolan


How are we doing with conflict? …as communities? …as faith communities? The MACUCC Restorative Justice Task Team is grappling with this question; we’re thinking about how restorative justice can help.   Restorative justice practices bring together people affected by a conflict to address needs, in order to make healing possible. In the US, restorative justice has been associated with the criminal justice system— in faith communities, it can open up opportunities for healing and growth and ...

A Reflection on Grace: A Sanctuary Meal

Dawn Adams


Dinner was served: chicken enchiladas, kale and apple salad, and rice and beans with chocolate pudding for dessert. We gathered around the table and said grace. Lucio gave thanks for the food, for the blessings of the day, for his family, and for his new friends. We all sat and enjoyed good food and good conversation.  At one level it seemed so normal and at another it seemed so odd.  The table was a card table. I was eating with people I barely knew or just met. Lucio’s family was not with us. ...

Pam Shellberg and DaVita McCallister Keynote at NEAUCE 2018

Debbie Gline Allen


The New England Association of United Church Educators Conference is being held May 1-3, 2018 at Pilgrim Pines Conference Retreat Center in Swanzey, NH.

What if scientist and faith leaders form a coalition on climate?

The Rev. Dr. Margaret Bullitt-Jonas


The Archdiocese of Boston hosted an extraordinary conversation on February 8-9, 2018, as leaders drawn from religious and scientific communities gathered to discuss the possibility of forging a partnership to push for decisive action on climate change. The idea for gathering the group came from Phil Duffy, President of the Woods Hole Research Center, who, as Cardinal Sean O’Malley explains in a blog post, “[reached] out to the archdiocese through the good offices of Professor Mark Silk, ...

Stand for Love on April 4th

Kelly Gallagher


We encourage all those called to stand for love and to stand up against hate to join us in Washington DC on April 4th for a day of action, liturgy and prayer to launch this multi-year, multi-denominational effort.

Best Practices for Church Members Serving as Staff

The Parish Paper


Jean grew up in a large Methodist church in Ohio—confirmed there, active as a young adult, and married there. To accept a part-time job at the church, and later to go full-time as the youth director, felt like a natural fit. “But to be on that side of the fence, attending staff meetings, was different,” she said. “I was seeing the magic behind the scenes that I didn’t know about. It was all about numbers. I still needed to be filled spiritually, to learn and to grow, and all of a sudden it was a...

Safe and Secure

Don Remick


Psychologists will tell us that one of the most basic drivers of human behavior is the need to find safety and stability.  And churches are perceived as sanctuaries because they have been infused with the belief that they are safe havens for the soul of the sinner and the saint.  And while churches are a place of spiritual refuge to encounter our God is who is our strength and our salvation, that very present help in times of trouble, human behavior has reminded us that tragedy knows no ...

What's Happening This Summer!

Debbie Gline Allen


The Eastern Regional Youth Event 2018 is open for registration! Here’s what’s happening:

Poor People’s Campaign – Together We Move Forward

Kelly Gallagher


As people of faith we are compelled to consider where we stand in relationship to the poor. To quote Diana Butler Bass from a Twitter post in reference to Matthew 4:18-19: "As Jesus passed along the Sea of Galilee, he saw Simon and his brother Andrew casting a net into the sea—for they were fishermen. And Jesus said to them, 'Follow me and I will make you fish for people.'  What is not so well-known about this passage is how deeply political this passage is. Fishing was one of the most miserable...

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