Making the Nursery a Place of Belonging

The Parish Paper


“Where is the nursery?” That is often the first question when young parents visit a new church. At a minimum, they expect their question to be answered with confidence, not bewilderment. Beyond simply asking directions, the inquirer wants to know, Does this church care about us and our children? Is this a place where we can belong?

How to Balance Hospitality and Church Security

The Parish Paper


When Jack picked up his car after repairs at the local dealership, he noticed instructions securely taped on the main desk where all customers could easily read it. "What to do if an alarm goes off:" Everyone MUST leave the building immediately. Provide assistance to people to find exits. Designate where people are to gather outside, so a volunteer leader can do a head count. EXIT away from rooms with hazardous materials Do NOT use the elevator if your building has one. Do not allow people to ...

Many Voices, One Mission: Collective Power

Pam Arifian


"We are partners with each other, and with God, in the co-creation of earth, every day."— Pam Arifian

Many Voices, One Mission: The Saints Among Us

Don Remick


"For them, preserving and maintaining the church is not an end in itself. And it never has been."— Rev. Don Remick

Racial Justice Podcasts Available Today!

TJ Harper


There are times when voices outside of congregations, associations, and the Conference can have a different perspective and shed new light on the call to racial justice.  Thus far, we have two podcasts available with two experts in the realm of racial justice.  We hope that you tune in for these conversations to hear about the stories of these two leaders in academia and the faith context.  Please, listen to these podcasts individually or within your congregations; spread the word; and share any...

Curriculum - Which Resource Is Best For Your Church?

Debbie Gline Allen


There are so many Sunday School curriculum resources out there — how do you even begin to choose the best one for your church?

Children's Messages - Helpful or Harmful?

Debbie Gline Allen


I have a love-hate relationship with children’s messages. I love that the offering of a children’s message provides a time for talking about God with children within the context of the worshipping community. But I hate that sometimes this opportunity gets used as a time for silly entertainment or a way to get a message across to the adults.

Many Voices, One Mission: You Can't Go Back

Michael Ciba


"Through the words of Jeremiah, God speaks to a church that is too focused on what it has lost." —Rev. Michael Ciba

Church Energy Use: Can We Harness Hope?

The Parish Paper


Carbon dioxide emissions have been implicated as a key factor in rising global temperatures. Because all church buildings use energy, much of it derived from carbon-based sources such as oil and coal, congregations play a role in energy consumption. Although congregations represent a small piece of the big picture, they can still offer hope for the community or the wider church.   The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that if every house of worship nationwide (about 300,000) ...

Faith Awakenings: Prayer in Motion

Don Remick


Not all prayer happens in sitting positions  There are traditions that focus on stillness in motion.  If you have ever paced to contemplate or resolve and problem you have touched on the edge of this.  But prayer in motion is more than just moving prayer. Martial arts are based on this concept. As is their origin in Tai Chi. Yoga builds on this. In Buddhism there is a concept known as kinhin or walking meditation.  Wikipedia describes it here.  You can also learn more here.   In the last few ...

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