Faith Floods the Courtroom

Liza Neal


Jesus said, “I was thirsty, and you gave me something to drink.”  Matthew 25:35a   Dr. Warren receives a blessing from clergy. Photo by Liza Neal. “If you live in a place where people are dying, how can you not respond?” This is the answer Dr. Scott Warren gave when asked under oath to the District Court of Arizona why he volunteers his time leaving food and water in the Sonoran Desert, a place where more than 3,000 people have died in the last 10 years, 88 in the last four months.  He...

Many Voices One Mission: From the Inside

Charles Ericson


"There is an easy, sometimes playful energy of collegiality among us that can escalate into laughter or occasionally bring forth a tear. "— Rev. Chuck Ericson

Environmental Resolutions to be Considered at General Synod 32

Barbara Darling


The Environmental Ministries Team of the MACUCC is excited that there are environmental resolutions coming before General Synod 32.  We unanimously endorse these two resolutions: Let Justice Roll Down – Declaring Support for the Green New Deal and Affirming the Intersectionality of Climate Justice with All Justice Issues.  By declaring its support, Synod will proclaim the intersectionality of climate justice with all justice issues and offer a path of action and hope by which humanity can ...

Becoming a Just Peace Church

Robert Loesch


I invite you and your local United Church of Christ congregation to take the steps to become a Just Peace Church. Since 1985, the Just Peace Pronouncement at General Synod has inspired a grassroots movement of UCC congregations corporately to name and boldly proclaim a public identity as a justice-doing, peace-seeking church. Grounded in UCC polity and covenantal theology, the position focuses attention on alleviating injustice of all types using non-violence and calls us to offer the message, ...

Casino Forum in CT: A Report

Grace O'Connor


 Grace O'Connor Intern, CT Conference, UCC In the first event of its kind, a Forum on the Economic and Social Impact of Expanded Gambling was held at the Connecticut State Capitol. The Forum, co-hosted by Representative Anne Hughes and Representative Jill Barry with the Coalition Against Casino Expansion in Connecticut (CACE) addressed a range of economic and social costs that the state may expect to face if casino gambling, sports betting, and internet wagering are allowed to expand.  Former ...

Many Voices One Mission: Partners

Karen Ziel


"The best and most effective partnerships are formed in the context of communities, organizations, and families within whom these values and this way of being are deeply formed."— Karen Ziel

Overcome Volunteer Burnout by Building Capacity

The Parish Paper


Vital congregations reach out to strengthen the communities where they are located. Different denominations give different names for this ministry, including mission and outreach, home missions, and social ministry. But where do congregations get the strength for mission? How do they retain that strength in the midst of providing food and clothing, mentoring individuals, or advocating community change? How do they keep from burning out? They do it by building capacity.

Many Voices, One Mission: It's All About Relationship

Debbie Gline Allen


"Faith is more caught than taught." —Debbie Gline Allen

Anti Nuclear Arms Resolution approved for Synod this June in Milwaukee

Peter Kakos


The Synod Selection Committee has accepted our resolution “Calling for the U.S. to pull ‘Back From the Brink’ and Prevent Nuclear War.” It all began in the fall of 2017, after I attended an address at our church, First, Northampton, by the co-founder of the Physicians For Social Responsibility, Dr. Ira Helfand, of Northampton. His analysis proved that even a limited conflict of 100, or so, modern warheads, could put into motion a radioactive cloud encircling our latitude so toxic that two to ...

Many Voices, One Mission: A Community of Colleagues – and Colleagues in Community

Mary Nelson


"Sure, I can connect with *more* people online than I can in person, but these connections aren’t very high quality." — Rev. Mary Nelson

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