Youth @ Synod Offers Teens More

Debbie Gline Allen


Youth @ Synod is for young leaders who wish to increase their leadership skills within the workings of the UCC. Registration is open!

Many Voices, One Mission: This In-Between Time

Debbie Gline Allen


"What do we do in this in-between time where the answers are not readily apparent, let alone within reach?" —Debbie Gline Allen

Many Voices, One Mission: Community

Mary Nelson


Rev. Mary Nelson reflects on a day spent in support of a long-time Silver Lake friend as she waits at a hospital.

What Does Effective Intergenerational Worship Look Like?

Debbie Gline Allen


Each congregation has a unique culture, and the process used to transition children into corporate worship will need to be an individualized one.

A 'Prosperous' New Year? No Thanks

Amy Lignitz Harken


Happy 2019! May it be a year of dignity, vigorous compassion, and robust declarations of God’s inclusionary vision. You may have your own desires for this new year. So far, no one has wished me a “prosperous New Year.” To be honest, I’m glad for it. Two years ago, my stack of Christmas cards included two that wished me prosperity for the new year, in hand-written notes scrawled by the senders under warm tidings for Christmas happiness, peace, and joy. It was no wonder the word “prosperous” made ...

Many Voices, One Mission: Love Knows No Borders

Kelly Gallagher


"As we look to acknowledge that the borders we have created may not be serving God’s call for us as church, it opens our hearts to consider other borders and boundaries that may be standing in the way of God’s light breaking forth." — Rev. Kelly Gallagher

Defining Church Vitality - Let Me Count the Ways

The Parish Paper


January 2019—Volume 27, Number 1                   Copyright @ 2019 by Herb Miller Most pastors, laypersons, and denominational leaders develop a personal theory that says one particular factor is the key to congregational vitality. Each of those theories is correct and incorrect. Each “favorite factor” is important, but church vitality is a result of a long list of factors. What Is the Church’s Macro Mission? Looking at church vitality from the macro direction produces a list of classic, ...

Many Voices One Mission: Where Two or Three Are Gathered

Karen Ziel


"While leaders form bonds within their congregations; healthy relationships of mutual support among peers are essential."— Karen Ziel

First Church in Marlborough Brings Advent Home

Kazimierz Bem


Most people know very well the tradition of lighting an Advent wreath at church. But First Church in Marlborough is doing something different - it encourages families to take it home as well.    The idea came up during a discussion between the Sunday School co-superintendents Anita Stetson and Lynette Biggs and Pastor Kaz on how to make Advent more special for families and children. Pastor Kaz, who comes originally from Poland, suggested a practice he knows from parts of Poland, Germany and ...

A Pastoral Christmas Letter to Our Conference

Donald Remick


Friends, I wish you darkness.  Watch people, tell us of the night.  This is such an interesting time of year.  At least, here in New England.  The days shorten.  The longest night reaches its peak.  Cold settles in.  And we are filled with visions of trees laden with lights and gifts, and warmth by the glowing hearth.  All those iconic images that tell us that our dreams can come true with a little bit of Christmas magic.  Love.  Joy.  Hope.  Peace.  That is in our story.  And it is deeper ...

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