Simply Smiles

Debbie Gline Allen


How do we reach out to teens we know would benefit from what we have to offer when church is just one more in a smorgasbord of choices they have?

La Posada

Elena Huegel


by Elena Huegel                 At the grocery store yesterday, the smells from a newly arranged corner of the fruit and vegetable area transported  me back to my early childhood at the Theological Community in Mexico City. There were "tejocotes" (the internet translates this fruit as the Mexican hawthorne), cinnamon sticks, "piloncillo" (blocks of distilled and hardened sugar cane), tangerines, raw sugar cane, raisins and tamarind fruit, the ingredients for the Mexican Christmas hot punch, ...

California Wildfires

Donald Remick


Wildfires have become a regular plague for the people of California.  The year began with sweeping fires in January.  More lives and homes were lost in July.  And now the daily news captures images of fires as the year comes to a close.  This is the season of holiday cards showing folks gathering around the table for a meal or around the hearth for stories.  Kitchens, cards, hearth and home are gone.  And too many people face this holiday grieving the fresh loss of loved ones.  The loss of lives...

Many Voices One Mission: Doing Our Homework

Martha Goodman


"The church’s profile thus becomes first a tool by which a congregation understands itself and, then, a means by which it honestly reveals itself to a potential pastor." — Martha Goodman

Many Voices One Mission: It Happens Outside

Jennifer Kronholm Clark


"God gave Creation over to humans as stewards, and it seems we’ve forgotten our duty to care for it." — Jennifer Kronholm Clark

This Is How We Grow Christians

Debbie Gline Allen


Children are constantly taking in what is going on around them, even when they don’t appear to be paying attention.

A Place to Call Home

Karen Methot


Community – that basic human impulse to be part of a group, particularly one that understands your struggles and offers support and friendship.

Disaster Preparedness should include an Emergency Pet Form

Kimberly Murphy


When we are faced with an emergency or weather event that mandates the evacuation from our homes, we often have very little to no time in which to gather and pack the items needed to make our stay in a shelter or the home of a family member or friend as manageable and stress-free as possible. That is why every member of the family is encouraged to have a “go kit” ready to, well, go. Just as people should have “go kits,” our pets need “go kits,” as well. Now that first responders have realized ...

How to Develop Habits for Well-Being

The Parish Paper


Seminaries and social work programs often ask their students to create a self-care plan. Not only does this send a message about self-care while pursuing a degree, ordination, or certification, it also makes clear that self-care is a life-long commitment for those who serve the church and others.

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