Many Voices One Mission: Where Two or Three Are Gathered

Karen Ziel


"While leaders form bonds within their congregations; healthy relationships of mutual support among peers are essential."— Karen Ziel

First Church in Marlborough Brings Advent Home

Kazimierz Bem


Most people know very well the tradition of lighting an Advent wreath at church. But First Church in Marlborough is doing something different - it encourages families to take it home as well.    The idea came up during a discussion between the Sunday School co-superintendents Anita Stetson and Lynette Biggs and Pastor Kaz on how to make Advent more special for families and children. Pastor Kaz, who comes originally from Poland, suggested a practice he knows from parts of Poland, Germany and ...

A Pastoral Christmas Letter to Our Conference

Donald Remick


Friends, I wish you darkness.  Watch people, tell us of the night.  This is such an interesting time of year.  At least, here in New England.  The days shorten.  The longest night reaches its peak.  Cold settles in.  And we are filled with visions of trees laden with lights and gifts, and warmth by the glowing hearth.  All those iconic images that tell us that our dreams can come true with a little bit of Christmas magic.  Love.  Joy.  Hope.  Peace.  That is in our story.  And it is deeper ...

Many Voices One Mission: Filling The Pages

Marlene Gasdia-Cochrane


"They are more than just balance sheets and income statements; they tell the story of the Conference and how our local churches have helped better the world over the past year."— Marlene Gasdia-Cochrane

Children and the Christ in Christmas

Debbie Gline Allen


It is my hope that our children will grow up knowing the true reason we celebrate Christmas. Let's get intentional!

Many Voices One Mission: Intentional Christian Community

Ryan Gackenheimer


"What makes Christian Community different, however, is that in Christian Community we believe in reconciliation, the restoration of relationship, and welcoming folks back into community and covenant." — Rev. Ryan Gackenheimer

JOMO - The Joy of Missing Out - Attention youth (and the adults who love them.)

Sarah Buteux


Maybe you've heard of FOMO: the Fear of Missing Out? It's the fear that somewhere someone is watching, reading, tweeting, or experiencing something better than what you are experiencing right now. It's the low level of anxiety so many of us feel that keeps us tethered to our devices, constantly texting and scrolling to see what we might be missing.

Many Voices One Mission: Ministry As Art

Susan Townsley


"A minister needs time to think creatively and playfully." — Susan Page Townsley

Take a Stand Against Anti-Semitism

Andrea Ayvazian


Dear Friends and Fellow Clergy, I am writing to you in the wake of the Tree of Life Synagogue massacre because I am heartbroken once again. The blatant targeting of Jewish people in their sacred house of worship on their blessed day of Sabbath, while in the act of praying to God, has brought me to my knees. I am horror struck, and while not much can shock me these days, I nevertheless am stunned.  I have been grappling with the question of what can I do, and not only what can I do, but what ...

Getting to Know Our Neighbors

The Parish Paper


Holding conversations with neighbors can provide church leaders with vital information about the community. A one-on-one interview takes the process a step further by structuring the conversation around a set of questions prepared in advance so that church leaders can focus on what matters most: tailoring ministry that is most appropriate for this neighborhood, these people, and this time.

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