Many Voices One Mission: Actions Matter, Now

Pam Arifian


"The interconnectedness of justice issues and climate impact means that your action at every level matters." — Pam Arifian

Many Voices One Mission: Exciting Stewardship

Charles Kuchenbrod


"The stewardship committee often is placed in the church trustee/finance budget constellation of people. It belongs in the deacon/faith formation constellation of people." — Charlie Kuchenbrod

Active Threat (Shooter) Training for Churches

Rev. Rob Donaldson


We want to believe that houses of worship are safe spaces, yet we have been shown again that there are those that would desecrate religious places through violent actions. Our hearts go out to our Jewish sisters and brothers in the wake of the massacre that claimed 11 lives during worship at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh on Saturday, October 27. We remember the shootings at churches in Sutherland Springs, Texas and in Charleston, South Carolina, and still we hear, “That wouldn't ...

It’s All About Relationships…and Networking…and Resources

Debbie Gline Allen


Christian Education Youth Ministry Communities of Practice provide opportunities to gather monthly to share resources, ideas, and support.

Many Voices One Mission: We Do Jesus Differently

Wendy Vander Hart


"As the United Church of Christ...we do Jesus differently." —Rev. Wendy Vander Hart

Many Voices One Mission: Irrelevant?

TJ Harper


"There seems to be, in many cases, a disconnect between what one’s perception of God is and how that perception aligns with the beliefs and actions of the Church." — TJ Harper

Climate Change [Interferes] With What We…Care About *

Jessica McArdle


* Quote from Professor Katherine Hayhoe, Climate Scientist and Evangelical Christian A blog by Rev. Dr. Jessica McArdle A few weeks ago, I attended a lecture commemorating the tragic aftermath of the 1918 Flu Pandemic. Millions of lives were lost. Yet instead of focusing on the dangers of highly communicable illnesses alone, the representative panel of disease specialists had a different take on what makes we humans susceptible. In short, pandemics don’t just erupt without explanation (though ...

It Is Time For a Faith Formation Summit

Debbie Gline Allen


The shifts and changes our secular culture is experiencing are having a dramatic effect on faith formation ministries.

Many Voices One Mission: Cultivating Collaboration

Deborah Kirk


"As we dedicate ourselves to building God’s kingdom, we must define what it looks like in the local community." —Debby Kirk

"This used to be a man's world."

Donald Remick


I was standing at the check-in counter for a routine medical appointment a couple years ago when I heard those words.  They came from an older gentleman standing at the check-out counter not far from me.  I guessed he might be a decade or two older than me.  There was in his voice what I interpreted as a sense of grief and frustration.   Something had happened, I don’t know what, that told him he didn’t know the rules anymore.    Let me very cautiously say I understood the phrase.  I grew up in...

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