Gov. Patrick Considering Mandatory Sentencing Bill

Peter Wells


A mandatory sentencing bill has just been sent to Governor Patrick. This article, by state ACLU Executive Director Carol Rose, urges our Governor to veto this bill.

A response to the shootings in Colorado

Peter Wells


Yes we need to pray for the  dead - the wounded - the grieving.  But we also need to  say to the NRA, members of our congregations,  politicians and any one who puts weapon possession over all else that enough is enough.

Affordable solar electric systems for churches

Peter Wells


Under a limited-time offer, churches can lease a solar electric system from SunBug with no down payment, making monthly payments equal to or less than their current electric bill.

What does tweeting at Annual Meeting accomplish?

Tiffany Vail


For years, attendees of the Massachusetts Conference Annual Meeting have been asked to turn off their phones and other devices so as not to be disruptive. This year, they were given quite the opposite instruction - they were asked to turn ON their smartphones, tablets and laptops and to tweet about the meeting . So, what was the result? 

Where God was present during Annual Meeting

Donald Remick


  During the Annual Meeting I encouraged folks to notice where God was present. At the end of the meeting, in our closing time of prayer and worship I offered my ‘found prayer’ list. I share that with you here.

LGBTQ Family Conference on Star Island

Kathie Carpenter


There are still openings at the July 15-21 LGBTQ "Transitions and Transformations" family and friends conference on Star Island, one of the Isles of Shoals off the coast of New Hampshire.

Your vote is your voice: don't give it up!

Peter Wells


Join the "Our Faith, Our Voice Our Vote" campaign and find out how your congregation can participate in the 2012 electoral process through faithful, nonpartisan engagement.

Help Support Unaccompanied Youth Experiencing Homelessness

Sister Linda Bessom


Your action is needed!  Both the state Senate and the House included language in their respective final budgets to create a special commission to examine the needs of unaccompanied youth. The budget is now in the Conference Committee process, and help is needed to advocate for this commission!  

Asking a simple question

James Antal


Yesterday I received an invitation to take 5 minutes to contact my elected congressional representative to ask a simple question: “Do you support ending subsidies to the fossil fuel industry?”

The Coming "Golden Age"?

Andy Gustafson


As Boomers enter their “golden age”, this could also be a “golden age” for the church. However, this opportunity will only be realized if we intentionally embrace it by entering into serious conversations with our Boomer members about things which really matter – our relationships with God, each other, our neighbor, our world, our money and our time.  

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