What about a Massachusetts Conference Lay Academy?

Susan Dickerman


Would you consider participating in a lay academy, which would explore ones faith as a lay leader in a congregation and create opportunities for resourcing and networking in a community setting?

"Do The Right Thing" tour comes to Quincy Stop & Shop

Karen Methot


The Coalition of Imokalee Workers "Campaign for Fair Food" is coming to the Stop & Shop corporate offices in Quincy, MA this week. A theater, speakers, delegation and action will begin at noon on Thursday, April 12, at 1385 Hancock Street in Quincy.

Trayvon Martin and the Yoke of Injustice

Peter Wells


Here and there we as a society have been able to loosen the bonds of injustice. Here and there we have been able to undo the thongs of the yoke of racism. Here and there we have even broken the yoke. But what we haven’t done is remove the yoke of racism from amongst us. It is still an ever present reality.

Restorative Justice: A Paradigm for Healing


Learn about the ancient method of dispute resolution known as Restorative Justice: join in a day of learning and exploration on June 2, from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Trinitarian Congregational Church, UCC in Concord.

Why does your church do what you do?

Tiffany Vail


Churches tend to be very good at talking about what they do. They aren't nearly as effective at explaining why. 

Board looks at Pastoral Excellence Endowment fundraising, volunteer structure, Conference finances

Dawn Hammond


The Massachusetts Conference Board of Directors recently looked at how to assist in raising funds for the Pastoral Excellence Endowment Campaign, further discussed potential changes to the Conference's volunteer structure and developed it's financial recommendations to be brought to the 212th Annual Meeting in June.

My Trip to Chile: A Life Changing Experience

Stephanie Carlson-Flynn


A past participant in an MACUCC-sponsored trip to Chile talks about the profound impact this experience had on her life. 

Video project launched to support bill providing support for homeless youth

Sister Linda Bessom


Right now, there is a bill in the Massachusetts House of Representatives Committee on Ways and Means that could impact thousands of youth. The Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless is the lead organization behind House Bill 3838, An Act Providing Housing and Support Services for Unaccompanied Homeless Youth. In support of this effort, the Coalition is launching its youth video project.


Donald Remick


All of us who have journeyed with the Church for any part of the last half century are keenly aware of change. We have watched the devolution of the institution while watching the evolution of new trends. It would seem clear that we have a better sense of the landscape of wilderness than we do of any promised land. In this season of Lent that is a probably a good place to be, if we don’t try to hurry into fix it solutions and just listen and observe God’s movement. 

Celebrating 1,000 ONA Churches...it all began here!

Kathie Carpenter


Twenty-eight years after the first ONA resolution was passed by the MA Conference, there are 1,000 ONA churches nation-wide.

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