The importance of community

Kris Lofrumento


By Kris Lofrumento Administrator of the Pastoral Excellence Program, Program Coordinator for Youth and Young Adult Ministry Ministry is about creating communities for others and making sure you have your own.

MACUCC Staffing News

James Antal


Since first hearing about the possibility of Dale Hempen’s decision to retire at year end (Dale serves as Associate Conference Minister in the Southeast), I've been in conversation with our Conference Board of Directors and our Conference staff.

Should we be nurturing? Or provoking?

Wendy Vander Hart


By Wendy Vander Hart Associate Conference Minister What might be different in our life together if the mission of the MA Conference was to provoke local church vitality and covenant?

Important MACUCC Staff News

James Antal


Associate Conference Minister Dale Hempen today announced that he will be retiring at the end of 2011, after having served the Massachusetts Conference for more than 13 years.

Do Happy Cows Give more Milk?

Andy Gustafson


By Andy Gustafson Associate Conference Minister for Stewardship & Financial Development The best advice for increasing giving in your congregation is to be a place where people have an opportunity to serve others, within the congregation, in the community or in the world.

Making Faith Discoveries

Martha Cook


  By Martha Cook, Director Massachusetts Conference Resource Center In my local church we call our faith formation program for children and youth, “Faith Discovery.” It operates under the premise that in our lives we have many different opportunities to discover what it is to be a person of faith and live a life of faith. What “Faith Discovery” opportunities are available to clergy, church leaders and educators throughout our Conference?

It is springtime in our churches

Jill Graham


By the Rev. Jill D. Graham Associate Conference Minister I see folks trusting God to accomplish – not for them, but with them – something incredibly meaningful and even life changing. I see spring – maybe even signs of resurrection – happening among us.

A Generation Who Wants to Know the United Church of Christ

James Antal


  By The Rev. Dr. Jim Antal Minister and President of the Massachusetts Conference   Among American young adults, the values and beliefs of the United Church of Christ are generally unknown ... but our understanding of a Still Speaking God whose Son manifest such inclusive love as to be salvific is precisely what people under 30 are longing for.

Introducing the MACUCC Staff Blog

Tiffany Vail


By Tiffany Vail Associate for Communication, Massachusetts Conference, United Church of Christ Today we are excited to launch the new Massachusetts Conference Staff Blog. At least every other week, a Conference executive or program staff member will take a turn posting to the blog.

Lent is a forty day period

Elsa Marshall


Lent is a forty-day period before Easter. It begins on Ash Wednesday. We skip Sundays when we count the forty days, because Sundays are considered Little Easters celebrating the Resurrection. Lent begins on 9 March 2011 and ends on 23 April 2011, which is the day before Easter. It is the season we travel into the wilderness with Jesus.  

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