Hope for Middle East Peace and Interfaith Relations in America

James Antal


While every moment we are given is a good moment to pray, this is a moment of particular consequence.

Prophetic Witness & the Environment

James Antal


With our leadership, people of faith can recognize that just as the Civil Rights movement adopted new behaviors as a Holy expression of covenant with the future, so can we. 

Hygiene Kits for Haiti

James Antal


Thank you for the extraordinary ways you have responded to the hurt and hope of Haiti.

Christmas Message

James Antal


In this time of anticipation, Howard Thurman reminds us that “Christmas is waiting to be born.”

Nobel Peace Prize -- Worthy of our Reflection

James Antal


This morning, the Nobel Committee has given to this world a gift – a reminder that a different world is possible.

Changing the Culture Around Money

James Antal


Addresse delivered at the Massachusetts Conference Stewardship University, Sept. 19, 2009, at The Plymouth Church in Framingham, MA.

Faithful Response to Climate Change

James Antal


The greatest opportunity the human community has ever had to affect future generations is less than 90 days away. On December 7-18, over 150 countries will gather in the hope of committing to an international agreement that will begin to slow, and ultimately reverse, CO2 emissions. Because God’s covenant is not only with us, but with all of creation, extending to all future generations, we are called to engage this opportunity with all of the love, creative activity, and hope God has showered ...

Invitation to "blow the trumpet" on climate change

James Antal


Between now and December 15, 2008 , pick a date when you will ring your church bell 350 times as part of a campaign that seeks to engage at least 350 of our 400 MACUCC churches to do the same.

December 2015—Volume 23, Number 12 Copyright @ 2015 by Cynthia Woolever  This Conversation ----Again?  Improving Church Communication As congregations face change and new challenges, conflict is part of the process. Too often, under stress, church leaders and members fall into bad communication habits that prevent the airing of concerns and objections. Healthy conversations help people manage conflict and move them toward acceptance of new initiatives. Productive communication speeds up the ...

The Church Has Left the Building

Wendy Vander Hart

The MBA Association will meet virtually and then go out to witness in the world!

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