Celebrating 1,000 ONA Churches...it all began here!

Kathie Carpenter


Twenty-eight years after the first ONA resolution was passed by the MA Conference, there are 1,000 ONA churches nation-wide.

Board works on fleshing out vision

Dawn Hammond


The Board of Directors talks about how to develop the seed of a vision planted by A Still More Excellent Way into a fuller and more compelling picture of the future toward which the Conference setting is called. 

Radical generosity. Try it, you'll like it!

Andy Gustafson


Perhaps, for seven weeks in Lent, we can try out living in a different relationship to our money, our budgets, our time, our lifestyles and each other.

New MA DNA Law Would Prevent Wrongful Imprisonments

Marie Lucca


Massachusetts is one of only two states that does not allow access to DNA evidence that could exonerate innocent people who have been falsely imprisoned. A bill to address this issue will be considered by the MA legislature over the next few weeks.

Have a Heart for Homeless Youth

Karen Methot


Help end unaccompanied youth homelessness with a call to your legislators on Feb. 14,  or by attending Legislative Action Day on Feb. 29.

LGBT Asylum Task Force Thanks National UCC for Support

Karen Methot


Hadwen Park Congregational Church of Worcester honored the national UCC Justice and Witness Ministries last month with a certificate of appreciation for its support of the LGBT Asylum Seeker Task Force. The task force, which supports LGBT individuals seeking political asylum from violence in their countries, is a ministry of Hadwen Park Church.

Local Church Votes to Move Money from Bank of America to Local Bank

Katie Tolles


The First Congregational Church in Amherst UCC has decided to move all its money and financial transactions from the Bank of America to a local bank. The vote represents a concern of the members of the church that Bank of America and other big banks do not operate in a way that is consistent with the church’s faith values.

Covenant is God's glue that keeps us together

Martha Cook


One of the many ways the Massachusetts Conference seeks to nurture the covenant among our churches is through making available many opportunities for clergy and laity to come together for worship, learning and networking. 

Rising tides fail those with no boats

Peter Wells


By the Rev. Peter Wells Associate Conference Minister I am sure you have heard that “a rising tide raises all boats.” But many of God’s children don’t even have a boat.

Advent Message and Coming Conference Transitions

James Antal


Each year, we are given the opportunity to learn again the lean lessons of Advent: watchful waiting, sustained hope, untempered joy, limitless love, and passionate peace. All are ongoing mysteries. Just as Advent is a time of “coming” – we are quickly approaching a time of Conference staff transition. Since last May, when I first shared with you the plans for these transitions, the Conference staff, Commissions and Board along with the leaders in many of our Associations have been preparing. I ...

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