GS28 Day 4: Abstract/Reality

Jean Lenk


Ponderings on the democratic process

Ian's thoughts on the Baptism thing

Ian Tosh


 We have just affirmed the agreement on Baptism, here are some of my thoughts.

Independence Day at Synod

Steven Savides


Celebrating freedom of religion and speech and the open conversation held at Synod.

Independence Day!

ivy tillman


I haven't quite figured out whether the events of the day will call or lead us into independence, dependence or something else.  But today, in our work, I have clearly heard a call for trust.

Quotable Quotes

Ian Tosh


Here are some things I have heard at Synod so far.

Flashy Synod

Ian Tosh


Flash Mobs, Flash Communion, Flashy Skies

GS28 Day 3: Tech/Touch

Jean Lenk


Pondering communications modes within the church.

It's happening really fast!

ivy tillman


What made me think i'd have lots of time to blog this experience? Finally, here's the first post!

Reflections on synod resolution: "On Actions of Hostility Against Islam and the Muslim Community"

James Antal


Imagine every UCC church hosting an interfaith service of reconciliation on the 10th Anniversary of 9-11 ....  Imagine the UCC committing to have every pastor serving our 5,000+ churches preach their reflections on the question:  “Is Jesus the Only Way.” This would begin to fulfill one of the “big holy audacious goals” General Minister and President Geoffrey Black lifted up at MACUCC Annual Meeting and will (likely) lift up at Synod. 

The excitement of Synod

Frank Groggett


Some happenings at GS 2011 for Frank.

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