Rising tides fail those with no boats

Peter Wells


By the Rev. Peter Wells Associate Conference Minister I am sure you have heard that “a rising tide raises all boats.” But many of God’s children don’t even have a boat.

Advent Message and Coming Conference Transitions

James Antal


Each year, we are given the opportunity to learn again the lean lessons of Advent: watchful waiting, sustained hope, untempered joy, limitless love, and passionate peace. All are ongoing mysteries. Just as Advent is a time of “coming” – we are quickly approaching a time of Conference staff transition. Since last May, when I first shared with you the plans for these transitions, the Conference staff, Commissions and Board along with the leaders in many of our Associations have been preparing. I ...

Board looks at structure, funding

Dawn Hammond


The Board of Directors looks at the Conference volunteer structure, funding questions and their own mode of governance.

Blessed to Be a Blessing!

Dale Hempen


By The Rev. Dale A. Hempen Associate Conference Minister I have tried to live the ministry of encouragement, hope and gratitude… giving to others what I have been given!

Churches must have clarity of mission and purpose

Wendy Vander Hart


By The Rev. Wendy Vander Hart Associate Conference Minister My mantra in preaching this season has focused on clarity of mission and purpose. In a Twitter world our churches need to be able to sum up their mission and purpose in the 140 characters of a tweet!  

Trauma and compassion

James Antal


A pastoral letter to the Conference regarding all those whose lives have been upended by an unprecedented series of extreme weather events.

Our Beliefs, Our Bodies, Our Wallets

James Antal


By the Rev. Dr. Jim Antal Minister and President, Massachusetts Conference, UCC Bodies make the difference - for economic justice, for the environment and for the hungry.

Pastors: How involved are you in educational ministries?

Susan Dickerman


  By Susan Dickerman Associate Conference Minister for Leadership Development   Educational ministry in the local church is essential for growth and vitality, and I strongly believe that laity should be called, equipped and affirmed as partners in that ministry. But I wonder if challenging pastors to be more directly involved in this ministry is ALSO essential.

Opportunities for Environmental Stewardship and Witness

James Antal


Jim Antal invites your congregation to engage in these activities: Lenten Carbon Fast 2012 – Plan  now for a weekly Lenten discussion around the Carbon Fast and sign up now via facebook How Green is my Church? – See where you stand in our Green Congregations assessment and plan how you will become more green Surround the White House on November 6 to urge President Obama to “say no” to the tar sands pipeline Do It In Durban February 12, 2012 – National Environmental “preach in” Who is your ...

Church leaders today need to be authentic and transparent

Tiffany Vail


By Tiffany Vail Associate for Communication In a social media world, being in a so-called position of authority is not enough. Today, people will not choose to hear your voice over the cacophony simply because of your title.

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