What is the "MACUCC position" on Occupy Boston?

James Antal


By the Rev. Dr. Jim Antal Minister and President, Massachusetts Conference, UCC For 2,000 years, disciples of Christ have identified with the poor, oppressed, marginalized and disinherited.  There can be no doubt that those witnessing through these many “occupations” are boldly lifting up those same values. 

Board of Directors grapples with changing context of ministry

Dawn Hammond


After spending much of the spring wrestling with the need to reduce the Conference budget, the men and women who represent you on the MACUCC Board of Directors stepped back for a longer view last week.

The Changing Landscape of Ministry... and it's still "ministry!"

Dale Hempen


By the Rev. Dale Hempen Associate Conference Minister We must know our Bibles, as well as the culture and pressures of our day, to preach the correct text and interpret it faithfully.

Lukewarm is not enough

Peter Wells


By Peter Wells Associate Conference Minister When it comes to our response to poor – in the presence of systemic injustice – should lukewarm be the temperature of our reaction and action?

9-11 Commemorations - How your church can engage

James Antal


The 10th anniversary of 9-11 is fast approaching.  Our collective, pain-filled memories present all faith leaders with a crucial opportunity to advance a vision in which such a tragedy will never again happen.

What Kind of Church are you?

Paul Nickerson


By Paul Nickerson Associate Conference Minister for Evangelism, Vitality and New Church Starts There are only two kinds of churches in this world. Which are you?

Humanity Has a Dream.... That a Life-sustaining Climate Can Be Won

James Antal


On Sunday August 28 the hearts and minds of America will be focused on our capital where a 30 foot tall granite statue of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr is being dedicated. This historic event – long in coming – is tied in a crucial way to a series of events happening this past week and in the coming days as well.  NOTE: This event has been postponed due to the storm.

Wrecking Creation Is A Sin - Stopping the Keystone Tar Sands Pipeline

James Antal


The Rev. Dr. Jim Antal on why he chose to protest the Keystone Sands Pipeline in Washington DC this weekend, resulting in his arrest.

A Report from the 28th General Synod of the UCC

Branwen L. Cook


Response of 28th General Synod of the United Church of Christ to Palestine-Israel resolution

Urgent Opportunities to Protect Creation - from MACUCC M&P Jim Antal - Moving Planet September 24, 2011

James Antal


As more and more congregations are deepening their commitment to care for God’s earth, here are three important opportunities I urge you to engage.

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