Opening Worship

Ian Tosh


 Nomination speeches, great preaching and worship get things started

Suncoast Saturday

Ray Medeiros


A day full of possibilities.

Suncoast Saturday

Ian Tosh


 Fantastic speakers continue to excite people at Synod.


Ian Tosh


 People from all over, and theology over dinner.

General Synod 28: First Thoughts

Steven Savides


The 28th General Synod is almost underway. Here are initial observations and thought on what's already a grace-filled experience

GS28 Day 1: Think/Imagine

Jean Lenk


Initial thoughts at the beginning of General Synod

Excitement builds looking through General Synod Advance Materials

Ian Tosh


Delegate Ian Tosh writes on his excitement about heading to Tampa, and an appreciation for the founding documents of the UCC.

Sadness - but not hopelessness - in seeing tornado's destruction

Linda Reilly


Linda Reilly, a member of the Conference Board of Directors, reflects on a visit to Brimfield and Monson by member of the Board on the even of Annual Meeting.

Prayers for tornado ravaged towns

James Antal


Today, like any day, we turn to God in prayer. And unlike any other day, we do so with special intensity and specificity, asking God to offer strength and courage to the communities in our Commonwealth who yesterday suffered a terrible time of devastation.

The importance of community

Kris Lofrumento


By Kris Lofrumento Administrator of the Pastoral Excellence Program, Program Coordinator for Youth and Young Adult Ministry Ministry is about creating communities for others and making sure you have your own.

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