Board of Directors

Board to Recommend United Church Mission Plan

Dawn Hammond


Delegates of the 215th Annual Meeting will be asked to vote on the proposed United Church Mission. Learn more here.

Vision Statement Affirmed by and for Board and Staff Leaders of Conference

Dawn Hammond


Following more than a year of learning, prayer and discernment, your Board of Directors and staff Leadership Team have affirmed a joint vision statement for our work.  

Board looks at Pastoral Excellence Endowment fundraising, volunteer structure, Conference finances

Dawn Hammond


The Massachusetts Conference Board of Directors recently looked at how to assist in raising funds for the Pastoral Excellence Endowment Campaign, further discussed potential changes to the Conference's volunteer structure and developed it's financial recommendations to be brought to the 212th Annual Meeting in June.

Board works on fleshing out vision

Dawn Hammond


The Board of Directors talks about how to develop the seed of a vision planted by A Still More Excellent Way into a fuller and more compelling picture of the future toward which the Conference setting is called. 

Board looks at structure, funding

Dawn Hammond


The Board of Directors looks at the Conference volunteer structure, funding questions and their own mode of governance.

Board of Directors grapples with changing context of ministry

Dawn Hammond


After spending much of the spring wrestling with the need to reduce the Conference budget, the men and women who represent you on the MACUCC Board of Directors stepped back for a longer view last week.

My first MACUCC Board Meeting

Holly Martineau


I felt like I was a part of a "working think tank." The Board moved through a full agenda, but at the same time included faithful and philosophical considerations, ideas for change and growth and a vision for the future of our Church. I feel fortunate to have been asked to serve.



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