Conference staff

I Have Work To Do. So Do You

Donald Remick


Early in November, the Conference Ministers gathered in Birmingham for our fall meeting. But it was more than a meeting. We had been encouraged to read articles and books related to the history of slavery and racism in this country. Most of these I already knew from the work we have done as staff, as Conference leadership and in racial justice ministries. But such can not prepare one for the experience and impact of what we were to encounter there.   National Memorial for Peace and Justice Our...

Many Voices One Mission: From the Inside

Charles Ericson


"There is an easy, sometimes playful energy of collegiality among us that can escalate into laughter or occasionally bring forth a tear. "— Rev. Chuck Ericson

At Such a Time as This

Donald Remick


Friends,  On July 1st I stepped into a new role as your Transitional Interim Conference Minister.  It was only one day after many of you had participated in rallies that echoed across the country calling out for compassion and justice for children. It was only a couple of weeks after many of you were part of an overwhelming vote to bring three conferences in southern New England into closer connection and collaboration. At such a time as this, we have a lot of work to do. Fortunately, we also ...

Faith Awakenings: Prayer in Motion

Donald Remick


Not all prayer happens in sitting positions  There are traditions that focus on stillness in motion.  If you have ever paced to contemplate or resolve and problem you have touched on the edge of this.  But prayer in motion is more than just moving prayer. Martial arts are based on this concept. As is their origin in Tai Chi. Yoga builds on this. In Buddhism there is a concept known as kinhin or walking meditation.  Wikipedia describes it here.  You can also learn more here.   In the last few ...

Safe and Secure

Donald Remick


Psychologists will tell us that one of the most basic drivers of human behavior is the need to find safety and stability.  And churches are perceived as sanctuaries because they have been infused with the belief that they are safe havens for the soul of the sinner and the saint.  And while churches are a place of spiritual refuge to encounter our God is who is our strength and our salvation, that very present help in times of trouble, human behavior has reminded us that tragedy knows no ...

A Living Hope

Wendy Vander Hart


The meeting began with the passing around of a relic- a button from the Poor Peoples Campaign march in 1968.  Fingers grasped the round blue button with the picture of Martin Luther King Jr. in its center as it moved from hand to hand.  We were meeting about the Poor People’s Campaign to plan, plot and praise a moral imperative drawn from the past but still inspiring future action.   Wikipedia notes that a relic can be a term for something that has survived the passage of time, especially an ...

Can Flames Compete with Tweets?

Donald Remick


Overwhelm: It seems to be a common word these days. News is full of stories that tap deeply into our compassion and concern.  But they are so full of emotion that it becomes hard to keep going.  One more tweet in the daily barrage from the White House sends news media spinning and our Facebook echo chamber buzzing.  As flames consume homes and lives, one more news report of the devastation of a disaster, and our senses are on overload…again.    That tendency to just turn it all off and deal with...

The Power to Protest - and Speak Out

TJ Harper


When Frederick Douglass was asked to speak about the “celebration of America’s independence” he delivered: “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?”

March for Justice in Boston: Answering the Call

TJ Harper


To see 40,000 people gathered in Boston to counter-protest 30 or 40 Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists was remarkable. Even if some of our political leaders refused to call the heinous acts of Charlottesville domestic terrorism and truly condemn them, 40,000 people in Boston were ready to demonstrate their beliefs.