Wake Up, Turn Around, Enbridge

Gretchen Elmendorf


Today stirred some theology in my mind and spirit. Here’s a spiritual essay. I write out of my faith tradition with full respect for those of different faiths or no particular faith. I wrote this the day of a demonstration when 4 of our 50 friends at the Fore River Basin site in Weymouth were arrested for preventing Enbridge from some construction that day.   Advent is the word that describes for Christians the 4 weeks prior to Christmas. It begins liturgically with John the Baptist’s call in ...

"Unless" - Looking at an alternative to Fossil Fuel

Lois Happe


"Our dependence on fossil fuel, if left unchecked, will eventually render much of our world uninhabitable." — Rev. Lois Happe

Our Planetary Cathedral on Fire

Margaret Bullitt-Jonas


The fire in Notre Dame – literally, “Our Lady” – is over. But the fire on Mother Earth rages on.

U.S. Religious Leaders Issue “Religious Declaration of Unprecedented Human Emergency”

Margaret Bullitt-Jonas


...The fossil fuel industry has spent millions of dollars trying to make the climate emergency as “unforeseen” as possible, for as long as possible, to as many people as possible. But the clock has run out. The time of reckoning is at hand. Foreseen or unforeseen, the climate crisis is upon us and it calls for immediate action.

Many Voices One Mission: Common Bond

Jennifer Kronholm Clark


"Once a pair identifies the common bond on their cards, they share with each other to discover a common bond between themselves." — Jennifer Kronholm Clark

Cherish the Earth!

Barbara Darling


Earth Day is this month! April 22 is the day set aside—for almost 50 years—to raise awareness of the fragility and vulnerability of our planet.

Many Voices One Mission: Cultivating Connections

Pam Arifian


"The magic is in connecting their hearts and minds with wonder and beauty of the planet..." — Pam Arifian

Tackling the Climate Crisis Now: Clear Mind, Open Heart, Strong Hands

Margaret Bullitt-Jonas


I brought two props with me: a globe and an icon.

Many Voices One Mission: It Happens Outside

Jennifer Kronholm Clark


"God gave Creation over to humans as stewards, and it seems we’ve forgotten our duty to care for it." — Jennifer Kronholm Clark

Many Voices One Mission: Actions Matter, Now

Pam Arifian


"The interconnectedness of justice issues and climate impact means that your action at every level matters." — Pam Arifian

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