United Church of Christ Declares a New Moral Era

James Antal


It was a big claim: “Imperatives for a New Moral Era.”    It was a big ask: to “resist all expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure and demand new sources of renewable energy that are accessible to all communities” and to write a new story for America – “a story that is not dependent on fossil fuel or on wealth for the few and misery for the many.”   It demands that the church itself “bear witness.”  Unlike so many resolutions passed at Church gatherings, instead of criticizing the injustice of ...

Resurrection People Marching For God's Creation

James Antal

Pam Arifian


Creation is at a turning point. We are headed toward a climate unseen in 50 million years. Realizing this, what if the church were to begin to act like the earth was the Lord's? (Psalm 24) ? One thing is for sure: WE WOULD MARCH with thousands of others to demand immediate action.

The Church is Leaving the Building!

Wendy Vander Hart


A reflection and details on the MBA leadership's decision to change the venue and program for the MBA spring meeting.

Science on Screen: Before the Flood

Margaret Bullitt-Jonas


Today is Earth Day, and along with millions of people around the world, I am praying for our blue-green planet, our common home. As part of Amherst Cinema’s “Science on Screen” film series, I recently gave a short talk before the screening of Leonardo DiCaprio’s film, Before The Flood.  I and the other guest speaker, Professor Scott Jackson of Kestrel Land Trust, were asked to speak briefly about the roles that land conservation, faith communities, and individual action can play in fighting ...

Lazarus, come out! A Christian response to the climate crisis.

Margaret Bullitt-Jonas


Sermon for the Fifth Sunday in Lent, April 2, 2017, delivered by the Rev. Margaret Bullitt-Jonas at The Church of the Covenant, Boston, MA. John 11:1-45 What a blessing it is to be here this morning and to join your Lenten exploration of “Fierce Love”!  Thank you, Rob (Rev. Robert J. Mark), for inviting me to preach, and thank you for your steadfast witness to God’s love for the Earth and for all its communities, human and other-than-human. I was arrested with you last spring at an interfaith ...

Earth Day Resources and the April 29 People's Climate March

James Antal


Preserving God’s creation is perhaps the greatest theological madate of our time.  As climate change worsens – as creation offers chaos in place of continuity -  injustice in all its forms is multiplied.  Together with our interfaith partners – as people of faith – as the church -- this is our calling.  It is neither partisan nor political.  The earth is our home.  Our responsibility is at the center of our covenant with God.    Two opportunities to witness will soon be upon us: Earth Day and ...

We Are The Earth: Public Prayer for the Planet

Margaret Bullitt-Jonas


Last Tuesday, Americans voted into office a Presidential candidate who has embraced fossil fuels, called climate change a hoax, and vowed to withdraw from the Paris agreement.  Bishop Doug Fisher, Rev. Margaret Bullitt-Jonas, Fr. Richard F. Reidy, & Bishop Alan Gates share a laugh. Photo credit: Robert A. Jonas Yesterday, five days later, Christians from across Massachusetts gathered on a hillside to reaffirm our dedication to restoring God’s creation. Led by five of the top Protestant and...

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